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From Adrian Crum <adrian.c...@sandglass-software.com>
Subject Re: Error when clicking accounting transaction submenu items incorrectly rendered as anchor instead of hidden-form
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2015 18:05:45 GMT
I have confirmed this is a problem. Could you create a Jira issue please?

Adrian Crum
Sandglass Software

On 1/4/2015 6:42 AM, Christian Carlow wrote:
> Does anyone know why menu items might be rendered as anchor instead of
> hidden-form when set link-type is not set?  Specifically, the submenu
> items at accounting/control/EditAcctgTrans are rendered as anchor so
> when clicked it throws an error related to the parameters not being
> passed securely.  I checked the demo site and the links are rendering as
> hidden form.
> To reproduce:
> 1.  Find and click a transaction at Accounting->Organization GL
> Settings->Accounting Transactions
> 2.  Click a submenu links like "Revert Accounting Transaction"
> An error should be thrown after step 2.  Hovering over the link shows
> that the parameters are being passed with GET rather than POST method.

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