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From Forrest Rae <...@14x.net>
Subject Re: ShipmentCostEstimate is the Supplier Shipping Price
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2014 19:28:50 GMT
Joel, That was the whole point here, not to mess with the main line
code, but to make my modifications in my custom component in the
hot-deploy directory.  You'll see that I don't touch any of the order
code in the applications directory.

Todd, I'm happy to write something up on the wiki, please let me know
where to put it and I'll make it happen.

I am curious what people's thoughts are in making a modification to the
existing code to accomplish this though, as I explain in my previous
mail.  I could make a patch to the Java code, and include a new setting
in the supplier screens to control whether shipping and handling charges
are passed to the PO.  If people are interested in this of course...


On 11/4/2014 9:32 AM, joelfradkin@gmail.com wrote:
> Yea great detail on how you handled it.
> I know for myself I moved all my code to hot-deploy project.
> Not sure it will help that much for new versions, but I try to avoid messing
> with the original code unless I copy it into my hot-deploy.

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