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From Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] PROJECTMGR in upcoming release
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2014 09:17:48 GMT
Le 30/09/2014 17:20, Ted Byers a écrit :
> It may be useful to look at how R handles these issues.  There is R-core,
> and an R-core team, that is part of the main distribution (all packages
> included in an installation of it), and then there is CRAN (similar in
> concept to CPAN, for any Perl programmers out there - I hope it isn't
> considered blasphemy to talk about Perl in this forum ;-)  ), to which all
> members of the R community can contribute their packages; analogous to
> components in the context of an application like OFBiz.  CRAN has a QA
> protocol, which must be passed in order for an R package to be added to
> CRAN; something that assures users that their system will not be trashed if
> they instal a package available from CRAN.  And, sometimes, the R core team
> decides that one of the packages on CRAN is so important and useful that
> they decide to add it to core (this doesn't happen often, but it does
> happen).  So then, in the context of OFBiz, the first question becomes, can
> the hot-deploy support be used in a manner similar to a snadbox that
> protext the rest of the system from badly behaved code (NB: I am not
> implying anything about the code in the component in question now, but
> rather thinking in general terms for any new component anyone may want to
> contribute)?  And then, the question becomes, what protocol can be used for
> promoting components from the 'sandbox' to incorporation into the 'core
> release'; whatever you want to call it?

Hi Ted, it seems  you were more thinking aloud :) but let me try to answer you

In ASF project lazy consensus is used. In other words, it's discussed by the project community
and if really people can't get to an agreement a vote 
is open. Then only PMC members have binding votes http://www.apache.org/foundation/voting.html.

The issue about projectmanager Pierre raised has already been discussed and we decided to
keep only ecommerce in specialpurpose. Before some 
components (projectmanager for instance) had been moved from applicationd to specialpurpose.
It's maybe unfortunate. But, as Jacopo suggested, we (so 
far, Jacopo and I at least) are open to discuss this again and indeed projectmanager and few
other components could get back to specialpurpose IMO. 
Adding Junit tests then would be a good thing.

Note that, though Erwan (a PMC member, no longer an active committer) tried to install the
whole flow, we don't have a mean to test the UI in the 
project. I know though this is done by some other service providers.

I hope I answered you


> Cheers
> Ted

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