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From Nicolas Malin <malin.nico...@librenberry.net>
Subject Re: Who uses OFBiz?
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2014 07:55:17 GMT
Hello Chloé,
Thanks for your feedback.

You have an official list here 

For the documentation, a contributor group work on refresh it.

Currently, at Nereide we deploy OFBiz on international trade projet. If 
you want you can contact me directly in french.

Have a nice days,


Le 03/09/2014 09:33, Chloé Desoutter a écrit :
> Hello,
> We're a F/OSS company looking at what exists in the ERP sector. We
> have internal needs and we have business development needs.
> We have been using OpenERP for a while but are quite dissatisfied with
> several points :
> - Its database schemas are just unreadable w/o the app, so we are
> bound to using its web services only and cannot migrate data without
> writing magic glue code.
> - They have a policy of nagging for registration that displeases us a
> lot : end users don't need to see a Piracy-warning-like message on F/OSS.
> - It's so tightly bound to the database that it's not possible to
> migrate it to another way of storing the data.
> - It's not "real Open Source" as it is an Affero GPL product. This
> means that whatever we do will eventually be owned by the central
> company.
> OFBiz is at the opposite of these points : its DB schemas are based on
> standards, it doesn't have a central authority that wants your money,
> it's licensed under a permissive license, and it can already manage to
> live in lots of database.
> But we need to know who uses OFbiz and how? Who can we make new
> business with? Who already makes business with it? Is there room for
> new experts?
> The documentation is scarce and except if we buy books online (written
> for outdated versions) it will be a guessing game to know what it is.
> Where can we get the fresh news and status of the project?
> Yours sincerely

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