Hi Pierre,

Ok for the creation of a JIRA. I didn't have this reflex yet, but I will now ;)

Concerning my need of a component to be a virtual product, here is the context.
Our customer produces specific covers for advertising.
So, configurable good is exactly corresponding to his needs.

But the canvas which will be used to produce the cover has several thickness, sizes and colors.
We could use directly the variants as components, but for each type of canvas, we could have dozen of variants.
So configuration should be easier if we use virtual products.
But of course, if it's impossible, we'll use this solution.


Guillaume SIGOIGNE
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Le 04/08/2014 21:38, Pierre Smits a écrit :
Hi Guillaume,

Experiencing an NPE warrants the creation of a JIRA issue. Will you take
care of it?

Anyway, I can't quite understand why you need your component to be a
virtual product. Other than that you can select the variants associated to
the virtual product to be selectable as options. Is that how we should
understand your requirements?


Pierre Smits

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