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From YaoCL <chunlin...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: LotId of raw material
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2014 09:15:37 GMT
Hi Guillaume

On Fri, Aug 08, 2014 at 16:45, Guillaume Sigoigne <guillaume.sigoigne@nomaka.fr> Wrote:
> Hi Yao,
> If I well understand your question, you want to know if :
> - lotId can be used for any kind of products (raw material, semi-finished and finished
product, trade, ...)
> - raw material lotId can be linked to miscellaneous manufactoried products

> Answer of 1st question is yes. 
> You can input lotId during products reception or during manufacturing.
LotId is a primary key of Lot table, raw materials from different suppliers may contains same
I don’t assign a new lotId for the raw materials, but use the lot id from supplier.

> Answer of 2nd question is also yes.
> For example, you receive a 45 meter coil. You give lotId 12345 to this product.
> You will have one stock line with lotID 12345 with quantity 45/45 (if product Uom quantity
is in meter).
> Then, you produce a manufactoried product which use 2 meters of this coil.
> You have to indicate lotId used during the manufacturing process (production run screen).
> Raw material stock line of lotId 12345 will change to quantity 43/45.
> Manufacturied product stock line has a link to production run.
> Production run has a link to used raw materials and their stock lines.
Yes the production run screen can input lotId, should I custom the screen to display the lotId
of main raw material, 
so I can input, without It I can not remember the lotId.


> Hope it helps.
> Regards
> Guillaume SIGOIGNE
> ERP/GPAO/Suivi de production  Apache-OFBiz
> <signature.png>
> Mobile :
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> Courriel : guillaume.sigoigne@nomaka.fr
> Le 08/08/2014 10:04, YaoCL a écrit :
>> I will track the lotId of raw materials, Is the lotId in InventoryItem only for manufactoried
>> These raw materials be used to make some parts. And I want to known every part belong
to which lotId.
>> What is the good solution.

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