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From Julien NICOLAS <julien.nico...@nomaka.fr>
Subject Configuration and BOM
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2014 08:44:08 GMT

I found something strange and I want some confirmation to know if I'm on 
the good track.
It's about configurable product with routing configuration.

So, my configurable good is linked to a routing and when I create an 
order, the process create a production run with BOM and routing Tasks.
The BOM is define by selected options from the config options.
But if my product is a "service" or a "work in progress", I don't want 
to have it in the BOM of my production run...

I saw that in the productType entity there is a field called 
"IsPhysical" but for exemple Service is not physical (good!) and WIP is 
physical (why ?).

I want to modify the production order creation to exclude non physical 
AND non digital product of the BOM list.
So I have to define witch productType is "really" not physical :
     - Service
     - Service_product
     - WIP
     - ?

Thanks by advance for you help



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