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From "Wang, Weikun" <weikun.wan...@imperial.ac.uk>
Subject RE: Low utilization of OFBiz on multi core servers
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2014 15:47:59 GMT
Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your quick reply. It seems that this didn't resolve the problem.
I also notice that once it gets overloaded the utilization drops from 80%
to 60%. This is what puzzles me because I thought when it gets overloaded,
the utilization should increase. 

While I was testing an 8 core server, the overloaded behaviour happens
when the utilization is only 40%, which is quite low.

Best wishes,

From: Adrian Crum [adrian.crum@sandglass-software.com]
Sent: 13 August 2014 14:04
To: user@ofbiz.apache.org
Subject: Re: Low utilization of OFBiz on multi core servers

Your are running your tests on a development deployment. Try setting up
your deployment for production:


Adrian Crum
Sandglass Software

On 8/13/2014 1:12 PM, Wang, Weikun wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using OFBiz to study the performance of web service in the cloud.
> I found a problem when I deploy OFBiz on a 2 core server, which has
> 4G memory. The OFBiz I used is the 12.04.03 version. The OS is ubuntu
> 12.04.
> I was using OFBench to send requests to OFBiz. The OFBench is able
> to send different kinds of requests, like login, logout, visit main page.
> I was testing how many users I set in OFBench will saturate the server.
> At some point I found that the server was overloaded when I set 20
> users because the mean response time for the "main" request is over
> 10 seconds. However, the CPU utilization is only 60%. I also did a test
> for one core server. When it's overloaded, the utilization is almost 100%.
> I was using the default derby database. I monitor the memory of the
> 2 core server, it was like 2GB used. So I guess memory is not a problem.
> The other parameters are default. This is not the first time I notice this
> problem. I also found this on other multi-core servers.
> Could anyone help me on this please?
> Thanks a lot in advance!!!!
> Best wishes,
> Weikun

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