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From Ted Byers <r.ted.by...@gmail.com>
Subject Alternate application servers: are there any good ones?
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2014 19:46:55 GMT
The motivation for this question derives from learning a little more
about nginx than just that it exists.  I understand from my reading
over the past couple days that nginx is as good as Apache's web
server, but that it performs MUCH, much better on limited hardware
under heavy load.  I plan on checking this out.

That said, I have always used Tomcat for my application programming,
and ignored the various commercial application servers (no budget for
anything commercial).  Now, I would like to ask if there is an open
source application server that is comparable to Tomcat in terms of
reliability of the application sever, but that, like comparing nginx
to Apache's web server, performs better than Tomcat on limited
hardware under heavy load.  Of course, if there is, that begs the
question as to how well OFBiz runs on such a thing.

Does anyone have information/experience related to this?



R.E.(Ted) Byers, Ph.D.,Ed.D.

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