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From Christian Carlow <christian.car...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: France geo questions
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 16:53:25 GMT
Also, with regards to my question about the France geoIds not matching 
those of ISO codes, the same incompatibility exists for USA state geoIds 
so it isn't really an issue either unless the community agrees they 
should match which entails more geo work.

On 04/01/2014 11:50 AM, Christian Carlow wrote:
> I suppose populating the state/province list isn't really necessary so 
> long as the country doesn't have cities that are named the same such 
> as in USA.  Therefore if France doesn't have more than one city named 
> the same then my question can be disregarded.  If the same rule 
> applies to the other geo JIRA issues I created, which I assume is the 
> case for Israel being so small, then they may potentially need to be 
> reverted.  The service doesn't require the state/province field so 
> leaving the list empty doesn't cause any problems.
> On 04/01/2014 10:30 AM, Christian Carlow wrote:
>> When choosing France as the country for creating contact info for a 
>> party, the state/province field is not populated.  One reason for 
>> this is that the FRA record in the CountryAddressFormat entity does 
>> not have the geoAssocTypeId set.  However, even when the 
>> geoAssocTypeId is set to REGIONS, the list is still not populated 
>> because the the corresponding Geo records geoTypeId is not set to one 
>> of STATE, PROVINCE, COUNTY, or MUNICIPALITY as required by 
>> getAssociatedStateList service.  Instead they are set to REGION and 
>> This http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-2:FR explains France has 
>> 22 metro regions and 96 metro depts within the regions.  Can someone 
>> advise how to correctly populate the state/province list? Should only 
>> the 22 regions be listed or should the 96 depts be listed with the 
>> region also indicated?  Also should the REGION and COUNTRY_CITY 
>> geoTypeIds be added to the getAssociatedStateList service as 
>> compatible types?
>> Also, the geoId of the France regions appear to be incorrect 
>> according to the wikipedia article above.  For example, the GeoId of 
>> Alsace is FR-ALS however it is indicated as FR-A in the wikipedia 
>> article.  Should these also be correct for consistency with ISO?

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