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From Jacopo Cappellato <jacopo.cappell...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: Actionable tasks of the week - volunteers?
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2014 17:29:28 GMT
Thanks Nicolas,

I have added a comment to OFBIZ-5555.

To all,

today I have reviewed and cleaned up some old Jira tickets; in the process I have found some
more tickets that may represent actionable items for volunteers willing to help:

OFBIZ-5185: recreate the use case; test patch; review and improve patch (there are tabs in
it; the "optional" attribute is not specified)
OFBIZ-5166: recreate the use case; either provide a patch or resolve as "invalid/won't fix/not
a problem"
OFBIZ-5203: recreate the use case; test the patch and confirm it works
OFBIZ-5012: review and test the patch
OFBIZ-5016: review and test the latest patch
OFBIZ-5004: review and test the patch
OFBIZ-4981: recreate the use case, review and test the patch
OFBIZ-5006: review and test the patch



On Mar 26, 2014, at 5:09 PM, Nicolas Malin <malin.nicolas@librenberry.net> wrote:

> Le 25/03/2014 07:31, Jacopo Cappellato a écrit :
>> A quick summary on the status of the work done so far:
>> OFBIZ-5543: no one is working on this. volunteers?
> On jira issue Michael Brohl has announced to try to resolve it
>> OFBIZ-5565: no one is working on this. volunteers?
> I try to solve it
>> OFBIZ-5589: Mandeep is working on it
>> OFBIZ-5590: Mandeep is working on it
>> OFBIZ-5551: Paul is discussing the ticket with the reporter
>> OFBIZ-5555: Nicolas is working on it
> Done, just need a commiter review/commit ;)
> Nicolas
>> OFBIZ-5559: Pierre tested it and has provided positive feedback; Pierre also filed
a new ticket for additional enhancements OFBIZ-5592: any volunteer to review this new ticket?
These two ones may be good for the trunk; if there are committers with a free slot please
feel free to commit and resolve the tasks
>> OFBIZ-5553: completed; feedback from Deepak, Jensing; committed by Jacques
>> Jacopo

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