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From Christian Carlow <christian.car...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Why must production run task components be issued in descending order when associated with other tasks beside the first
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 14:56:24 GMT
I was mistaken in my initial post, the "Issue Components" button only 
issues components for its associated task.  The "Materials Required By 
The Running Task" section lists all tasks that are currently running and 
still requiring materials.  When "Quick Start/Run All Tasks" buttons are 
not clicked, only the currently running task appears in the "Materials 
Required By The Running Task" section because only one task can be 
started at a time and later ones can only be started once the prior has 
been complete.  But when "Quick Start/Run All Tasks" buttons are 
clicked, then all tasks are put into the running state all all requiring 
materials appear in the "Materials Required By Running Task" section 
which allows for issuance of all tasks at once.  Because of this, it 
seems the "Issue Components" button should appear for all tasks still 
requiring materials when the "Quick Start/Run All Tasks" buttons are 
clicked.  However, both the "Issue Components" button and using the 
"Materials Required By Running Task" methods of issuance attempt to 
issue all materials and fail if all are not available.  Therefore, the 
"Actual Materials" tab must be used to issue partial quantities 
manually.  I guess the previous 2 methods are there for conveniency to 
be used only when all materials can be issued at once, otherwise the 
"Actual Materials" tab must be used.

My primary reason for posting was to determine why I couldn't use the 
"Issue Components" button for more than one running task since materials 
may be received partially at different times.  Since the "Actual 
Materials" tab can be used to do this, I don't think the "Issue 
Components" button not appearing for all running tasks is a big deal 
since those options are supposed to be used when all materials are 
available to be issued which isn't my case.  I'll let the users know to 
use the use the actual materials tab when issuing materials.

I'll be adding a patch soon that allows the "Issue Components" and 
"Materials Required By Running Task" issuance methods to be aware of 
materials already issued in the "Actual Materials" tab so more materials 
aren't issued than required.

On 03/07/2014 02:24 AM, Pierre Smits wrote:
> Christian,
> What you are describing is creating an ad-hoc (blank) production run, where
> you add all the required components and resources (machines) prior to
> executing the production run.
> When doing a production run based on a recipe (BoM and production schema
> with tasks) you would assign a schema task (that uses the component) to the
> BoM component. This will ensure that components aren't issued from
> inventory before it is needed.
> Now when executing the production run and you don't activate 'Quick Start
> All Tasks) the first issuance button will appear after the first task has
> been started, the second issuance when the associated task is activated and
> so one.
> Regards,
> Pierre Smits
> *ORRTIZ.COM <http://www.orrtiz.com>*
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> Based Manufacturing, Professional
> Services and Retail & Trade
> http://www.orrtiz.com

On 03/06/2014 09:10 PM, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
> Damn, I should have read your last msg before answering to the 
> earlier. I must say I'm not much versed in Manufacturing component.
> My answer was what I understood reading the excellent Sharan's book. I 
> might have overlooked something..
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBADMIN/OFBiz+Related+Books#OFBizRelatedBooks-"GettingStartedwithApacheOFBizManufacturing"

> Jacques
> Le 06/03/2014 23:00, Christian Carlow a écrit :
>> Strange...I just tested this functionality again but this time the 
>> button only issued for the task for which it is displayed which 
>> contradicts my last assumption. Meaning after the "Issue Components" 
>> button for the last task requiring materials is clicked, the button 
>> then appeared for the next last task requiring materials.  Perhaps I 
>> did something different the first time around.  I'll have to do more 
>> testing to be sure.
>> Is there a reason the "Issue Components" button doesn't appear for 
>> all tasks requiring materials?
>> On 03/05/2014 02:36 PM, Christian Carlow wrote:
>>> I guess the buttons purpose is to indicate the last task that 
>>> requires materials?  I initially posted this question because I 
>>> thought that the button would have to be clicked for each of the 
>>> prior tasks also requiring material issuances.  Instead, the button 
>>> actually issues components for all tasks requiring components, not 
>>> just the last task requiring issuances for which the button appears.
>>> On 03/05/2014 02:24 PM, Christian Carlow wrote:
>>>> Can someone explain why the "Issue Components" button appears for 
>>>> production tasks in descending order?
>>>> To reproduce:
>>>> 1.  Create a production run for PIZZA
>>>> 2.  Assign PEPPERS-G to the first task and PEPPERS-H to the second 
>>>> using the "Materials" tab
>>>> 3.  Return to "Edit Production Run" tab and click "Confirm"
>>>> 4.  Click "Quick Start All Tasks"
>>>> 5.  Scroll down to the Tasks section and notice that second task 
>>>> (Preparation) is the only task that shows the "Issue Components" 
>>>> button
>>>> Shouldn't the "Issue Components" button appear for all tasks which 
>>>> require issuances?  Is there a reason it only appears for the last 
>>>> task requiring issuances?

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