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From Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: About 'Set to complete' button in the Setup application
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 03:14:54 GMT

Le 06/03/2014 23:09, Nicolas a écrit :
> Thank you very much Hans, but...
> 1/ I suppose that we don't use the same versions of OFBiz :
> - I'm using OFBiz 12.04.02, with JDK 1.7 update 51 (64-bits), in a Windows 64-bits environment.

It's not recommended to use Java 7 with OFBiz yet. Though it works with trunk, tests don't
all pass. For releases which are quite older you might 
cross more issues, Java 6 is recommended

> - When I read your answer or old mails in the ML (such as : 
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/ofbiz-dev/201205.mbox/%3cCAHn+_8OaGsuSRqkKnd8EH0mFamwVu=oEnUrYyQxZaZac_Rpg9g@mail.gmail.com%3e),
> talks about the "setup option in the main menu". But I don't see this option. When I
use my "production sequence", the setup option is absent from 
> the menus (cf attached files im1_top_menu.png and im2_acc_menu.png).
> - I don't reach the Setup application by using a menu. I reach the Setup application
by using its url (cf attached file im3_setup.png).

snapshots normally don't make through on ASF MLs

> 2/ I've tried to follow your hint about PartyAcctgPreference :
> - I have not seen much accounting info in the Setup application.
> - By using the Accounting application and the menu "Organization GL Settings", I have
seen a Setup option, next to my company's name.
> - I have clicked this "Setup" and filled my "accounting preferences" and clicked "Add".
My information have been saved and the "Add" button has 
> become an "Update" button.
> - Is my manipulation correct (and equivalent to your advice) ?
> 3/ Even if you confirm that there is a link between "the 'Set to complete' button in
the Setup application" and "the 'Setup' option next to my 
> company's name in the Accounting application", the sequence "Setup application (to fill
the company basic info) -> Accounting application (to fill 
> the company accounting info) -> Setup application (to click on 'Set to complete')"
is too strange. I must be making a mistake somewhere. And with 
> all these doubts I have not clicked on 'Set to complete' yet... Well, I'm lost.

That's why I prefer to not use the Setup component :D It seems incomplete to me, but I must
say I don't recall clearly and it was maybe an old version 
I used then


> Thanks in advance
> Nicolas
> On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 2:48 AM, Hans Bakker <mailinglist@antwebsystems.com <mailto:mailinglist@antwebsystems.com>>
>     The setup option in the main menu will only appear if there is no entry in the entity:
>     If you add a new accounting company, you can add data that later you cannot modify
like the currency of that company.
>     If you select the setup to be complete, the accounting company is added to the PartyAcctgPreference
entity and the setup option will diappear
>     from the menu. Any data entered can be modified except for the specific data on the
PartyAcctgPreference entity which can however be modified
>     using webtools but not with the regular user menus.
>     Regards,
>     Hans
>     On 06/03/14 02:37, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>         Note that, IIRW before using the Setup application you need first "'to seed OFBiz"
(ant load-seed or maybe even load-extseed)
>         And then create an admin account: ant create-admin-user-login
>         I let Hans, who created the Setup application, complete/amend my answer and answer
deeper to your question.
>         I personally prefer to seed by importing specific files, but that's a point of
>         Jacques
>         Le 05/03/2014 19:10, Nicolas a écrit :
>             Hello,
>             When I've used the Setup application, I've followed this sequence :
>             1/ ant start
>             2/ use the Setup application (https://localhost:8443/ofbizsetup)
>             3/ ant stop.
>             Since then, I'm using OFBiz with this "production sequence" :
>             1/ ant start
>             2/ use the OFBiz applications (beginning, for instance, with
>             https://localhost:8443/accounting/control/main)
>             3/ ant stop.
>             During my setup sequence, I have followed the steps from the internal help
>             http://demo-trunk.ofbiz.apache.org/cmssite/cms/APACHE_OFBIZ_HTML) with one
>             exception : the advice "click 'Set to complete' button". I've ignored this
>             advice because :
>             - I thought "I have not filled all the configurable parts (I've no product
>             store or web site or first customer yet) so there is a risk that 'Set to
>             complete' blocks everything".
>             - I thought "I will check JIRA, the mailing list, and the Wiki, to
>             understand the exact goal of this button".
>             - I thought "In my opinion, the Setup application is not mandatory, it is
>             just a wizard, so it shouldn't block anything. I should be able to complete
>             / modify all my items at any time by using my production sequence.".
>             - Before launching my "production sequence" for the first time, I thought
>             "Perhaps I won't find my configured organization because I've not clicked
>             'Set to complete' ". But I've launched my "production sequence" and all my
>             configured data are visible.
>             So : what is the exact goal / consequence of the 'Set to complete' button
>             in the Setup application ?
>             And : Is this button able to "freeze" some data so that it can't be
>             completed / modified at any time by using my production sequence ?
>             Thanks in advance
>             Nicolas

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