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From Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: OFBiz Performance, a good story
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2014 12:39:18 GMT
I'm not quite sure what you are looking for

Before living the project David created a space for requirements https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBREQDES/Home
But it's not open like the 

In the wiki you have this blank page https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBIZ/Requirements+gathering
with children pages

You can edit and create you own pages in the wiki as soon as you are registered as a contributor
(see explanation at top of each wiki page)



Le 13/02/2014 20:22, Todd Thorner a écrit :
> Hi Ted,
> I'm still in full-doofus mode regarding OFBiz and its capabilities for
> integrating with third-party services/apps from various
> frameworks/languages.  I'm not even strong enough on the uptake to know
> whether something like the ASF's Camel project might be stepping in the
> right direction.
> I haven't thought much about UML diagramming tools since I used the old
> Rational Rose product while doing some Struts 1.x web app programming
> (over 10 years ago).  I'm afraid that when it comes to
> design/development/implementation this tech writer is always playing
> catch-up with the professionals.  Documentation is my strength.
> That said, diagramming some use cases in UML would be an important
> consideration for coming up with answers to various questions that
> C-levels might have while conducting OFBiz cost-benefit analyses.  I
> know that Ruth Hoffman wrote a great introductory book about high-level
> OFBiz ecommerce functionality, a solid jumping-off point for business
> managers who are as IT-non-savvy as I am.
> I am among the demographic of end users for such hand-holding
> documentation.  How can another OFBIz-related project help potential end
> users take that next step from Hoffman's introductory book toward
> practical milestones?
> Perhaps gathering requirements would be a reasonable place to start.  I
> will evaluate options for hosting such a collaborative documentation
> project (question for OFBiz site admins: is there a sandbox area in the
> wiki that is available?)
> I sense a tiny bit of traction.  Here's hoping it gets beyond just a few
> people talking around one another.
> On 14-02-13 10:12 AM, Ted Byers wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 12:36 PM, Todd Thorner <tthorner@infotinuum.com>wrote:
>>> Thank you, Mr. Byers, for posting such a remark-worthy suggestion, and
>>> thank you, Mr. Rosser, for providing the inertia that might help start
>>> an exciting new OFBiz-related project (congrats as well on securing a
>>> happy jeweler client).
>>> I would be an enthusiastic participant in any documentation project
>>> whose outcome helped business managers become dedicated OFBiz end users.
>>>   Indeed, I am one such hopeful business manager, excited by the prospect
>>> of having OFBiz at the core of my transactional processes, daunted by
>>> the IT learning curve.
>>> I am by trade a tech writer with over 15 years of experience, mostly
>>> doing API docs for SDK products.  I also have a Fine Arts degree in
>>> Creative Writing, and those two properties combined make me one of the
>>> most sought-after writers in the Vancouver IT industry.  I am, though,
>>> as I said, now working on becoming a successful business owner.
>>>  From my perspective, this might be a proverbial golden opportunity.  I
>>> would learn a lot and move up that learning curve, plus I have much to
>>> offer those who seek to improve OFBiz documentation and attract more
>>> CFOs & CMOs to the product.
>>> I ask the community how a prospective team might start a workflow (Agile
>>> or whatever) for such a project.  Would a focal point of managing
>>> productivity be JIRA or something like that?  Is there an
>>> eat-the-dog-food instance of OFBiz out there allowing authorized
>>> contributors to use its Scrum functionality?  Maybe even its CMS
>>> interface?  I would love to help make OFBiz compatible with any
>>> arbitrary CMIS-compliant product, but that's just me...
>>> Thanks for everything that everyone does to make this product world-class.
>> You're welcome Todd,
>> I don't have a specific answer for the questions you raise.  I generally go
>> with whatever works with the team with whom I am working at the time.
>> My priority, right now, is to first learn how to set up a multi-tenant
>> installation of OFBiz, as well as a multi-site installation of wordpress;
>> and then how to integrate the two so that OFBiz's ecommerce component can
>> be used to handle payment for subscriptions to the contents on one or more
>> of the sites in the Wordpress installation.  I'd also want to be able to
>> support use of, the relevant back office components (e.g. the accounting),
>> for a venture that is focused on publishing.
>> I then want to install Redmine, in order to be able to exploit it's project
>> management features (including issue/bug tracking).  I have not yet begun
>> to see to what extent Redmine's capabilities are complementary to OFBiz's
>> capabilities or how much overlap there may be, e.g., WRT the work effort
>> components).  While Redmine, itself, integrates into a couple version
>> control products (notably Subversion), it does not seem to have, as far as
>> I can tell, support for any of the UML diagrams.  What I am keeping an eye
>> out for is an open source product that both relates each UML diagram (such
>> as a use case scenario) to one or more items on a wish list (easily created
>> in Redmine), as well as relating each use case diagram to the code that
>> implements it.  Do you, or anyone else, know of an open source product that
>> supports UML documentation, that could be integrated with Redmine?  One
>> that can construct a suite of UML documents given a codebase (and that can
>> be used to construct a complete set of UML diagrams, or at least use case
>> and E-R diagrams, for OFBiz, WordPress and Redmine), would be particularly
>> useful as that could automatically provide core design documentation, and
>> the use case documents could be used both to provide feature lists and a
>> suite of howto documents.  Is there any automated tool to make the
>> documentation task easier?
>> One of the things that makes this especially daunting is that OFBiz is Java
>> while Wordpress is PHP and Redmine is Ruby.  And there are a few features
>> that do not seem to exist that I would probably implement in a mix of Perl
>> and C++.  Integration of web apps involving such a mix of languages is
>> something I have not yet tried (all the web apps I have developed have been
>> either entirely Perl (with JavaScript on the client side) or a mix of Java
>> Servlets+JSP/JSF, so I am unsure of how to integrate two apps that use very
>> different technologies, and especially how to maintain session info in that
>> effort.
>> Cheers,
>> Ted

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