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From Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: OFBiz.org site: easier navigation to Service Providers and End Users
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2014 10:41:48 GMT

Le 20/02/2014 10:20, Jacopo Cappellato a écrit :
> I guess that you could create a patch with the proposed changes and then create a Jira
ticket, then start a voting thread in the dev list.

If there are changes in wiki, maybe better to simply discuss them here 
(or in a Jira indeed to keep things focused) about changes to do and get 
a consensus on what to do and not. Then any wiki contributor could do it...

> Before we go into it, I anticipate here some conditions that I think are important:
> * I would like to review examples from other ASF projects doing the same; in this thread
it was mentioned that several other projects are doing the same; I don't have time to research
but if a volunteer could provide a list of projects and URLs of such documents I would be
happy to review them
> * remove from the documents any links to external sites that are not strictly following
the ASF trademark guidelines; this includes all the sites containing the OFBiz name in the
domain (e.g. ofbiz.info)

I totally second this!

> * the link from the OFBiz website should have enough information to clearly show that
the referenced documents are not under the control of the PMC, but instead they are "open"
documents at the disposal of the public

I think it's enough to put the disclaimer in the concerned pages

> * the same disclaimer is added at the top of each page
> * the documents open in a different tab (i.e. they use the "target" attribute)
> * they are not added to the top navigation bar; my preference would be to add them to
the body of the index page, in this paragraph:
> "For answers to your questions you might find the following documents useful:
> 	• Documentation
> 	• Documentation - Project Overview
> 	• Documentation - Getting Started"

I believe we could add 2 links in the Resources & Tools section (or 
create a new section?) in the main page as long as there are disclaimers 
in the concerned pages. The goal is to make these links obvious to users

> * we define clear rules on the format and content of these pages: define the column and
content that each field can contain, the order of the entries, define if there are minimal
requirements for publishing a company/site, define the amount of text each field can have,
where external links can be defined



> Jacopo
> On Feb 19, 2014, at 11:32 PM, Nick Rosser <nrosser@solveda.com> wrote:
>> With Hans joining the "yes" vote can we go ahead and action the originally proposed
>> Nick
>> On 2/19/2014 6:08 AM, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>>> BTW, last thought on this about external sites monitored for violation: should
we not rather remove than monitor them? Then it would not penalize other sites...
>>> This done we could block the page for users who would like to exceed their rights
to edit (though I have still to understand how that works, see for instance Pierre's request
about Roadmap page access)
>>> Jacques
>>> Le 19/02/2014 11:26, Jacques Le Roux a écrit :
>>>> Le 19/02/2014 07:38, Jacopo Cappellato a écrit :
>>>>> On Feb 18, 2014, at 11:42 PM, Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.roux@les7arts.com>
>>>>>> Please could you point the issues you see there?
>>>>> The information published in the OFBiz website is official and must be
endorsed and approved by the OFBiz PMC before its publication.
>>>>> The information in the Wiki is not; specifically, we do not have clear
rules that govern the "users" and "providers" list: I can add/move my company to the top,
someone could decide that only companies with committers can appear there (I see now that
there are several companies in the page that mention the term "contributors" even if this
is not a role assigned by the OFBiz PMC), I see links to external sites that the ASF is monitoring
for violations to the ASF and OFBiz trademarks, in general I see pages that are a mess and
clearly they can't be officially endorsed by the project.
>>>> Having links to external sites monitored for violations by the ASF is clearly
an issue which prevents to endorse these pages and link them from the main site.
>>>> Some time ago, I added a note on top of the https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBIZ/Apache+OFBiz+Service+Providers
>>>> <<We (OFBiz committers) keep an eye on this list in order to keep independent
committers and companies with committer(s) at the top of the list. Else no order is specifically
required so far (we will certainly alphabetically order the lists later), thank you>>
>>>> Actually, though I wrote "We (OFBiz committers)" it was my own decision to
monitor and keep this page as clean as possible. Contributor is indeed not an official role.
It was added by someone and I decided to keep the idea. Because it allows to separate contributors
from committers in this column.
>>>> Maybe the title of the column is not clear?
>>>> Or maybe, as it was before, we should keep only PMC members (IIRW, Adrian
also added the PMC member role in this list and I followed) and committers in this list?
>>>> I thought about adding a new column for contributors, but decided it  was
a bit too much, this could be done also, for the sake of separating concerns.
>>>> Jacques
>>>>>> I believe we should trust the community and if there are issues on
these pages we should fix those issues, this is our duty.
>>>>> It is good to allocate some space to the community to freely publish
this kind of information, but this doesn't mean that the PMC has to endorse them or fix them.
>>>>> Jacopo

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