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From Christian Carlow <christian.car...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: OFBiz Shipment operations too buggy to use? What should constitute a shipment?
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2013 18:25:43 GMT
The auto-invoicing issues mentioned in my last post are caused by cases 
where more than one ship group from the same order or items from some 
order are grouped into a single shipment.  The shipment creation forms 
allow for such data to be created but the configuration is not accounted 
for in the invoicing seca logic that happens when Shipment statusIds are 
changed to Pick or Pack.  Instead of applying shipping fees based on the 
shipGroupSeqId of the order item issued to the shipment, it bases it on 
the primaryShipGroupSeqId of the entire shipment.

What should constitute a shipment?  Shipments have a Shipment Route 
Segment form for associating multiple destinations with a single 
shipment which suggests that it shouldn't necessarily have to be 
associated with only one destination but then again the code that 
handles shipments references the Shipment primaryOrderId and 
primaryShipGroupSeqId fields which suggests otherwise.

IMO multiple destinations should be allowed to be associate to a single 

On 10/24/2013 11:07 AM, Christian Carlow wrote:
> Hey Christian,
> I've tried using the "Pack Shipment for Ship Group" option but 
> encounter bugs related to OrderItemShipGrpInvRes entity having 
> incorrect quantities.  I get
> this error when trying to Complete the form:
> Attempt to pack order failed.
> Packed amount does not match reserved amount for item (10211) [4 / 
> 0.000000]
> This is caused by the OrderItemShipGrpInvRes entity.  The second 
> number 0 in the error above refers to the quantity field of that 
> entity.  I need to be able to pack available inventory for any ship 
> group that might be scheduled.  The problem with doing this is that 
> inventory is automatically associated with order items when inventory 
> is received and only those corresponding records in the 
> OrderItemShipGrpInvRes table with quantityNotAvailable greater than 0 
> are able to be packed and associated with the shipment upon completion.
> One issue I've created on JIRA explains how OrderItemShipGrpInvRes 
> quantities can be changed to incorrect values by receiving inventory 
> into the facility in a certain way:
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-5370?filter=-2
> Seems like the whole shipping module needs to be redone.  There are 
> also plenty of auto-invoicing issues related to shipment statusId 
> getting changed to Picked or Packed.
> On 10/24/2013 10:32 AM, Christian Geisert wrote:
>> Am 23.10.2013 21:53, schrieb Christian Carlow:
>>> I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not OFBiz's shipment
>>> capabilities are sophisticated enough to work OOTB or if its considered
>>> something too buggy to use yet.  I've tried creating shipments to
>>> fulfill OrderItem ShipGroup schedules multiple ways and have 
>>> encountered
>>> bugs with all of them.  The majority of the bugs relate to incorrect
>>> calculation of the OrderItemShipGroupInvRes. OrderItemShipGroupInvRes
>>> seems to determine what is allowed to be picked, packed and shipped but
>>> can easily contain incorrect information.
>>> I tried disabling the Reserve Inventory option of the store but this
>>> prevented me from shipping anything.  Does Reserve Inventory have to be
>>> enabled to allow shipment capabilities for orders?
>>> Is anyone using OFBiz OOTB to handle order shipments?
>> Our customer is processing orders (up to 100 line items with product
>> quantity of 1000s) without any (known) problems.
>> Shipments are created with "Pack Shipment For Ship Group", sometimes
>> several shipments per order are created if there is not enough inventory
>> to fulfill. After pressing "Complete" shipments and orders are created
>> and everything is done.
>> We have done a few changes (which should make it into OFBiz) like
>> invoicing per ShipmentItem and not per ItemIssue and sort order on the
>> "Pack Order" Screen but nothing concerning shipment IIRC (I'll have a
>> closer look at the changes)
>> Christian

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