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From Christian Carlow <christian.car...@gmail.com>
Subject Shipment cancellation doesn't revert inventory accounting quantity total
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2013 13:24:29 GMT

When order items are issued to a shipment, the accounting_quantity_total
for the corresponding inventory records are updated but afterwards when
the shipment is cancelled, the accounting_quantity_total is not reverted
back to the original values.  Is this a bug or is there a reason the
quantity is not reverted?

The problem is that when I try to create another shipment and issue the
same quantity, I receive the following error:

The following error occurs when I try to issue the same previously
cancelled quantity to a newly created shipment:

Error:<br/> ERROR: Could not complete the Issue OrderItemShipGrpInvRes
to Shipment
process [problem removing the orderItemShipGrpInvRes value: The current
transaction is marked for rollback, not beginning a new transaction and
aborting current operation; the rollbackOnly was caused by: Error in
simple-method [Create an accounting transactions for a sales shipment
; {Could not find enough accounting inventory for product DOUGH;
remaining quantity: 1}] <br/> <br/>

The service is looking for inventory_item records with an
accounting_quantity_total > 0 but finds none because the quantity was
decremented to 0 from the cancelled shipment issuance.

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