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From Integrin <info.integ...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: BigFish Promotions
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2013 13:10:43 GMT
Ofbiz End User Perspective:

I'm an end user of Ofbiz for ERP and very happy with it; When I needed
to build an eCommerce solution I was considering cloning the
specialpurpose/ecommerce and building eCommerce frontend from scratch;
but I wasn't sure if I could do this alone with my Fulltime Job; but
when I found Bigfish in this mailing list I adapted the same as it
covered most of what we needed; <Why re-invent the wheel>; The fact
that Bigfish is distributed with Apache license with the source code
available for download, offers flexibility to extend when needed; and
also it works as an add-on module which allows to plugin Bigfish with
the latest Ofbiz release and build on top of latest Ofbiz features
when desired; Nick & Team are constantly adding new features and
making contributions available for download, which works great for us;
as we get all these great features for free which saves us a ton of

Regarding Bigfish emails in this Mailing list:
Primarily I have seen three kinds of emails from Nick & Co namely
Bigfish Success stories; New releases; How Bigfish solves a particular
problem; As an adapter of Bigfish/Ofbiz for eCommerce, I look forward
to these mails; and consider Bigfish to be a good eCommerce derivative
of Ofbiz and will help adaption of Ofbiz as an eCommerce solution by
an end user;

- Regards

On 7/30/13, Jacques Le Roux <jacques.le.roux@les7arts.com> wrote:
> Some users have had other experiences, it's why Paul posted this comment (we
> exchanged on it).
> Not everybody is able to separate the good from the less good. I can't
> officially confirm which follows since it did not happen to me. But for
> instance, if someone without much OFBiz knowledge picks BigFish for you.
> Because it has a better looking, but finally it's not quite suited for the
> work at hand. Then it can be a bad experience. This might also depends on
> versions you use. I guess newer are better, but again, I can't confirm.
> This already happened with previous forks. Note here that I don't know if we
> can really call BigFish a fork. Since I never worked with it and it seems to
> follow OFBiz, not the trunk though.
> Without speaking about Opentaps, Neogia for instance got even itself in
> trouble (and some projects which followed its 1st version) and had to change
> its strategy.
> With Neogia addons, it seems you have now the best of both worlds. Though I
> never worked on a project with them, just tested simple cases.
> My opinion: better working straight ahead from OFBiz (releases or trunk).
> And maybe, as you said Skip, pick here and there good ideas, and even code
> (addons seems safer), but no rely on external whole code (repositories or
> releases).
> My 2cts so far
> Jacques
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> From: "Skip" <skip@thedevers.org>
> To: <user@ofbiz.apache.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 7:19 PM
> Subject: RE: BigFish Promotions
>>I am loath to get involved in this, but I for one want to thank Nick and
>> company for their highly useful contributions which have been freely
>> provided.
>> Thanks Nick
>> Skip
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>> From: Paul Piper [mailto:pp@ilscipio.com]
>> Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 8:18 AM
>> To: user@ofbiz.apache.org
>> Subject: BigFish Promotions
>> Perhaps to not further derail from poor Vitthals post
>> (http://ofbiz.135035.n4.nabble.com/Formal-Discussion-td4643139.html):
>> I have no problem with people advertising their own work - in fact, up to
>> a
>> certain degree it helps the community. However, I think that the constant
>> promotion of BigFish has crossed the mark quite a bit and has come to the
>> point where every new member is getting greeted by a bigfish welcoming
>> message.
>> I am not trying to bash anybody’s work here, but merely pointing out that
>> the implementation of Bigfish is far from complete. It isn’t a simple
>> labeling factor either – it simply isn’t done in full. When a product
>> doesn’t deliver what it is supposed to do, it is false advertisement.
>> Again, I have no problems with anybody promoting its own work, but I also
>> don’t want people thinking that Bigfish = OFBiz, when in fact it is far
>> from
>> it. A quick search on nabble reveals  that there have been 242 references
>> towards bigfish, the majority being promotional. Sorry, but that isn’t
>> “rarely responding with BigFish examples” in my eye. So perhaps this can
>> be
>> limited somehow?
>> --
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