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From Adrian Crum <adrian.c...@sandglass-software.com>
Subject Re: introducing accounting segments
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2013 14:17:27 GMT
I don't think it is wise to have order takers assigning GL-related 
information to order items. Maybe it would be best to modify the cost 
center functionality so that it is fine grained enough to meet your 


On 7/25/2013 8:48 PM, Hans Bakker wrote:
> (OFBiz) accounting experts: I need you opinion!
> We have the possibility here to be able to introduce Apache OFBiz 
> accounting in a large multi company organization. This organization is 
> evaluating the several alternatives and after evaluation of OFBiz, 
> came up with a function which OFBiz needs to have, in order to be 
> considered.
> The user story:
> Although OFBiz accounting has the 'costcenter' function, it is not 
> fine-grained enough, we need to be able to segment the ledger to a 
> lower level that the GL accounts namely to the accounting 
> transaction.. Further, all existing reports should have the facility 
> to be able to select a segment of the ledger for either costing, 
> profit or other purposes like special projects.
> The proposed user interface.
> We need at least at the order item level the ability to specify a 
> parent-segment/segment and a percentage, if the percentange is not 
> 100% the remainder to 100% should be assigned to another segment.
> These segments can be defined and assigned by the user to the order 
> item upon entry. When the related invoice is created the segment(s) 
> will be copied and can overridden before posting when these segment 
> names will be copied to the accounting transaction.
> The proposed user reporting.
> All existing ledger reports will have the additional ability to select 
> these segments and will only incorporate accounting transactions where 
> this segment is specified.
> The proposed technical implementation.
> 1. add a new entity called LedgerSegment with fields: ledgerSegmentId, 
> parentSegmentId, description
> 2. add another 3 similar entities: OrderItemSegment, 
> InvoiceItemSegment, AcctTransSegment to make the relation to the 
> LedgerSegment entity and to specify the percentage.
> 3. Change the order, invoice, accounting transaction screens and 
> ledger report entity views to be able to use the segment names when 
> available in the LedgerSegment entity
> As i said , please let me know what you think, this is a great 
> opportunity for OFBiz accounting.
> Regards,
> Hans Bakker
> CEO AntWebsystems.com

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