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From Ted Byers <r.ted.by...@gmail.com>
Subject accessing ofbiz only over SSL/TLS using Apache's httpd server
Date Sat, 09 Mar 2013 01:31:09 GMT
I am studying how to install OFBiz and a multi-domain WordPress site
on the same server, and I want a) all access to all content in either
to be over a secure connection (but I have yet to succees to figure
out how to get mod_rewrite to redirect all requests coming in on port
80 using http to be remade using https over port 443 - I always get an
error that the redirection was done in a way that will never
complete), and b) to ensure that whatever I do getting ofbiz to work
with apache's httpd server will not break what I have to do to get a
working multi-site WordPress install (which I will begin with by
experimenting with simulating multiple virtual hosts served by httpd
based on a small number of entries to the hosts file on both the
server and a couple client virtual machines).

I know I found a web page in the past that talked about configuring
Apache's httpd server receive requests for OFBiz and pass them on to
OFBiz, but for the life of me, and despite many Google searchs, I have
not found it again.  Does anyone know what the URL for that page is?



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