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From James Piechota <piech...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: List of all people and the company they work for
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2013 18:22:52 GMT
Thank you both for the replies!

I completely agree: I'd love to avoid hacking as much as possible! Maybe my
searching skills need some help because these are the issues I hit after
combing through the source:

I believe the relationships can go either Person -> PartyGroup or
PartyGroup -> Person - is that right? To simplify use of the view-entity,
I'd like to just have single "person" and "partyGroup" fields (as opposed
to the toPerson, fromPerson, toPartyGroup, fromPartyGroup fields used in
the scrum PartyRelationshipAndPartyDetail entitymodel example)

We'll be tracking this employment relationship for customers and other
external contacts and so I don't think I can rely on the human resource

I guess what it boils down to is:

A. Are my search skills crappy, and there does in fact exist an example of
how to query the employment relationship without needing both to and from
fields for both parties? (if so, I'll keep looking!)

B. Have I misunderstood something fundamental, and there's another way to
get at what I need.

Thanks again for the replies!

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 2:20 AM, Adrian Crum <
adrian.crum@sandglass-software.com> wrote:

> James,
> One thing to always remember: Whatever you are trying to do, there is a
> good chance someone else has already done it. Looking up a party
> relationship is a very common requirement, so there is no need to hack up
> the source code to do it. Just spend some time looking at the current
> implementations - chances are it already exists.
> -Adrian
> On 2/14/2013 9:39 AM, Malin Nicolas wrote:
>> Hi
>> You can create a view-entity between Person - PartyRelationship -
>> PartyGroup with non optional relation and a entity-condition on
>> partyRelationshipTypeId = EMPLOYMENT
>> See applications/humanres/**entitydef/entitymodel.xml for example.
>> Nicolas
>> Le 14/02/2013 00:09, James Piechota a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> What's the recommended approach to getting a list of Persons and the
>>> Party
>>> Group that they are in an EMPLOYMENT relationship with?
>>> Some context:
>>> Since a Person can be on either end of a PartyRelationship the SQL query
>>> I've cooked up involves Left Joins with OR conditions.
>>> I've been unable to do this with a view-entity since the view-links seem
>>> to
>>> require at least one AND in any boolean condition (i.e., they require at
>>> least one key-map which gets AND'ed with any provided entity-conditions).
>>> I've edited my local install to relax the view-link requirements so that
>>> they just require *some* condition whether from a key-map,
>>> entity-condition
>>> or both. If there isn't a recommended approach to the above, I can look
>>> into opening a JIRA issue and attaching a patch.
>>> For reference, this is the sort of SQL query I've been trying to build:
>>> from PERSON
>>> left outer join PARTY_RELATIONSHIP
>>> left outer join PARTY_GROUP

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