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From Hans Bakker <mailingl...@antwebsystems.com>
Subject Re: missing data records from webtools in component and tenantcomponent entities
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2013 14:16:38 GMT
Hi Black bird!

You may have a look at https://backend.ofbizdemo.com/webtools 
(user=admin password = ofbiz)

This version is running under the GrowERP tenant system and only allows 
access to its own tenant records, not the other tenants.

Yes this GrowERP tenant addition is also open source under Apache 2.0 
and can be downloaded if you send per email your linkedin url and 
provide a public ssh key to support@growerp.com


Grow ERP, The open source ERP which grows with your business.

On 02/11/2013 07:09 AM, Black Bird wrote:
> Thanks for your answer.  I've come across that JIRA issue many times.
>   There is currently no resolution to that issue to my knowledge, and the
> only workaround being to disable the webtools application for tenants.
> The issue I'm raising in this thread is different however, relating to the
> Component and TenantComponent entities, rather than the Tenant and
> TenantDataSources entities of JIRA 4130.  Even if a multitenant offering
> disabled webtools for a tenant as suggested by Hans, the provider would
> presumably still wish to utilise webtools with a main non-tenant admin
> login (i.e. tenantId=null).
> On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 12:25 AM, Jacques Le Roux <
> jacques.le.roux@les7arts.com> wrote:
>> From: "Black Bird" <blackbird1758@gmail.com>
>>> I can answer my own last question.  Entries can be added into the
>>> 'component' entity using 'ant load-seed' process.
>>> The first question on data records from the component and tenantcomponent
>>> entities not being visible through webtools still holds however.  Does
>>> anyone experience this behaviour?
>> You could be interested by this Jira
>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-4130
>> Jacques
>>> On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 4:54 PM, Black Bird <blackbird1758@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>>> I've been grappling with the multitenant capabilities of Ofbiz on
>> versions
>>>> 11.04, 12.04 and trunk.  I've realised that the 12.04 fork and trunk
>> have
>>>> introduced new entities 'component' and 'tenantcomponent' which I'm
>> trying
>>>> to learn how to utilise.
>>>> What I've found strange is that on attempting to list the values of
>> these
>>>> two entities from webtools, only any record with the ComponentName
>> equal to
>>>> 'webtools' is visible.  On the other hand, if you log into the database
>>>> directly using ij, all the components can be seen using a select
>> statement
>>>> from the 'component' table, and any records entered manually into the
>>>> 'tenantcomponent' table.
>>>> Also, by default, the 'find' screen for both these entities normally
>> comes
>>>> up with the 'ComponentName' field already populated with 'webtools'.
>>>>   Although the field can be emptied or replace with other component
>> names,
>>>> only the record pertaining to webtools can be returned.
>>>> Is this a case of some hard-coding of ComponentName or am I missing
>>>> something?
>>>> I'm using trunk r1439737 and 12.04 r1435045.
>>>> I'm also unclear whether new components should be manually added to the
>>>> 'component' entity or should this happen automatically.

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