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From Leonard Lin <leonard....@gmx.net>
Subject Closing Financial Period does not consider Contra Revenue
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2013 01:57:23 GMT

I'm using ofbiz 10.04.02 (but I also verified it on 10.04.05)
For closing our financial year 2012 I've run into the problem that:
"Net Income" from the Income Statement <> "Retained Earning" change from 
the Balance Sheet

I've investigated the function "closeFinancialTimePeriod" in 

How I understand the code, it does calculate the profit and changes the 
retained earnings but it only considers:
- Expenses
- Revenue
- Income

It should also consider "Contra Revenue" which is not a sub-class on 
Expenses but of Debit directly.

Can someone confirm my findings?
If so what's the best way for me to submit a patch?

Thanks in advance


// line 712ff
         <!-- Compute the total posted amount of the period for 
expense/revenue/income accounts -->
         <entity-condition entity-name="AcctgTransAndEntries" 
             <condition-list combine="and">
                 <condition-expr field-name="organizationPartyId" 
operator="equals" from-field="customTimePeriod.organizationPartyId"/>
                 <condition-expr field-name="isPosted" operator="equals" 
                 <condition-expr field-name="glFiscalTypeId" 
operator="equals" value="ACTUAL"/>
                 <condition-expr field-name="transactionDate" 
operator="greater-equals" from-field="lastClosedDate"/>
                 <condition-expr field-name="transactionDate" 
operator="less" from-field="customTimePeriod.thruDate"/> <!-- FIXME: 
Date to Timestamp -->
                 <condition-expr field-name="acctgTransTypeId" 
operator="not-equals" value="PERIOD_CLOSING"/>
                 <condition-list combine="or">
                     <condition-expr field-name="glAccountClassId" 
operator="in" from-field="expenseAccountClassIds"/>
                     <condition-expr field-name="glAccountClassId" 
operator="in" from-field="revenueAccountClassIds"/>
                     <condition-expr field-name="glAccountClassId" 
operator="in" from-field="incomeAccountClassIds"/>
             <order-by field-name="acctgTransId"/>
             <order-by field-name="acctgTransEntrySeqId"/>


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