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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: Changes to the Security & Permissions concept?
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 20:09:43 GMT
Adam (doogie) has introduced some changes recently (early may) in this area, could be related...


From: "Carsten Schinzer" <c.schinzer@gmail.com>
> Guys, I am still running with this (I can only do that part-time in my
> evenings). Here is more findings (but still no solution):
> The error message is legged when in methodContext there is no userId set.
> Now I wonder how that can happen, as I am logging into the ordermgr
> application (with permissions set to ORDERMGR_ADMIN), then define a search
> on the CustRequest search form before I get the error message in the logs
> when the result list is rendered.
> Also strange: When I try to change my password I get thrown out from the
> PartyMgr screen as having no permission.
> Even more strange: When I attempt to see PartyMgr function from the menu I
> am prompted to change my password.
> Finally entirely strange: Checking the encrypted default passwords from the
> demo data files I see a discrepancy between trunk demo data and 10.04 demo
> data. Assuming, both string values represent a SHA-hashed "ofbiz" as a
> password, then why are they different as follows:
> 10.04 hashed value: currentPassword=
> "{SHA}47ca69ebb4bdc9ae0adec130880165d2cc05db1a"
> trunk hashed value: currentPassword=
> "{SHA}47b56994cbc2b6d10aa1be30f70165adb305a41a"
> I admit I am confused. If anyone can shed light into this .... very much
> appreciated.
> Did I miss a step when upgrading from 10.04 to trunk recently ?
> Thanks & regards
> Carsten

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