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From Adrian Crum <adrian.c...@sandglass-software.com>
Subject Re: Install location of OFBiz: still getting started ...
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 20:46:17 GMT
In this type of project, it doesn't work the same as a C++ library or 
similar. We have no idea what platform you plan to deploy on, and there 
are too many options to attempt a universal installation script.

You can write a shell script to do an SVN checkout and build for the 
target server (pull the project to the server or push the project to the 
server). The same script could be used to remove unwanted files. If you 
want to remove the .svn folders from your deploy copy, you can use the 
SVN export command.


On 7/31/2012 9:11 PM, Ted Byers wrote:
> When I install anything, I usually use sudo, at least in the final stages,
> so that the end product can be installed in the right places (/etc, or /var
> or /usr/local as appropriate for whatever I am building).  And usually, when
> I am building from source, only the binary products get moved to the final
> destination (and in fact the build directory tree is in a different location
> from the source directory tree), with make install moving the binaries
> (libraries and executables) to the appropriate places and then cleaning out
> intermediate build products and the source back in the original archive
> (actually, I would edit the makefile to ensure the last two steps, but then
> I can because I know how and because it is open source).
> On the machines on which I installed OFBiz, I had already installed the full
> LAMP stack, including the Perl, Java and C++ connectors, and I did so using
> YaST.
> But, at the end of the installation and setup/startup of OFBiz, I find that
> nothing has gone into the usual places, but it is all in root.  Obviously we
> don't want it there, and we want a user specific to OFBiz that has only the
> rights of a mere mortal rather than those of root.  I saw the page about
> running OFBiz as a server, and that talked about creating it's own user, but
> there was nothing about where the source and build products ought to be
> placed.
> Now, which I can do marvelous things using makefiles (including unit and
> integration testing), I do not know ant at all, other than that it exists.
> Thus, I do not know how to fix this.  And, an ancillary question: Is there
> in the OFBiz distro that one gets as trunk using svn, the equivalent of my
> favourite and nearly ubiquitous makefile target: vis. 'check'.  I always run
> 'make check' when the developers of a product (usually C++ libraries I use
> in my own development work) have been wise enough and considerate enough to
> provide that target.  If they haven't, then my number one task after
> building the library is to begin building a proper test suite (but it is
> rare that I have to resort to that).
> One last question about where things ought to go: As I had mentioned, I
> already had he full LAMP stack, along with the Perl, C++ and Java
> connectors, installed in their default places using YaST.  It isn't clear
> how to proceed, then, in setting up OFBiz to use MySQL.  Yes, I saw the
> instructions to copy the java connector into the OFBiz directory tree, but
> the question is why, and why can it not build using the instance of the
> connector in the default location for it in a system that already has it
> installed?
> Thanks for your time.
> Cheers
> Ted

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