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From enno tech <rahul063...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: condition in a xml form
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 05:18:50 GMT
list of companies is shown all list of organizations.But i want to
show only the organization that was logged in by an user.


[in the preference top right side]

Mr x- Company Z

means mr x logged in company z. but mr x can see [if he has
permission-ed to see] the organization Gl settings  he can see the
other companies gl (chart of accounts etc..)

But i want to show only company z in the comany list when that user logged in.

On 5/8/12, Atul Vani <atul.vani@hotwaxmedia.com> wrote:
> All that a list form does is render a list of results. What you need is,
> to add a condition in the find form (or wherever the logic to fetch list
> is present), to fetch the valid records for you.
> Thanks&  Regards
> Atul Vani
> Enterprise Software Developer
> HotWax Media Pvt. Ltd.
> http://www.hotwaxmedia.com/
> We are the Global Leaders in Apache OFBiz, Google 'ofbiz' and see for
> yourself.
> On 05/09/2012 09:55 AM, enno tech wrote:
>> in the "glsetupform.xml" document there is a form field
>> "Listcompanies" which show a list of companies(organization parties).
>> so, i want to add a condition in that form field say  "condition that
>> match the partyid with defaultorganizationpartyid(login organization
>> id)" so the list only show the default organization party(log in
>> organizationparty  in which party an user is loged in)

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