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From Atul Vani <atul.v...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: proposal
Date Tue, 22 May 2012 08:09:59 GMT
Ruth, Nick,

It might be a possible scenario that someone wants to display the newly 
setup products in the catalog at any particular date-time, may be at the 
beginning of a new season or some kinda festival. He would rather 
process the product data for them in advance, test it and have some 
trigger mechanism to publish them. This is why a date-time field is 
required along with the "Publish" button. One may also want to remove 
the products from the site, and may be want to do that at a specific 
date-time. So an un-publish button is also required, and that too along 
with a date-time field.

A publish button should be of great help, or alternatively this can also 
be done by setting a future fromDate/thruDate field for the 
ProductCategoryMember record, for the VIEW_ALLOW category. Though a 
product not only needs to be controlled for catalog listing, it might 
also require to be added/removed from the SEARCH, PURCHASE_ALLOW, 
NEWLY_ARRIVED kinda categories, depending on the business requirements 
and it's nature. A catalog manager also requires to deal with such work 
flow when associating/dissociating products from categories.

I believe the current workflow keeps things consistent. Moreover the 
consistent workflows help in building better understanding about 
processes and data model.

If I were the catalog manager, I would have setup and added the products 
(which I wish to launch next month), in some category. And then would 
have set the fromDate for the category's association, with the 
VIEW_ALLOW category, to the scheduled time. Saves me the trouble of 
hitting a publish button for every product (assuming the number of 
products is large here).

Should consider this kinda requirements when you add the feature :)

Thanks&  Regards
Atul Vani
Enterprise Software Developer
HotWax Media Pvt. Ltd.
We are the Global Leaders in Apache OFBiz, Google 'ofbiz' and see for yourself.

On 05/21/2012 06:55 PM, Nick Rosser wrote:
> Ruth,
> Yep, all possibilities. As always the simple original request that was 
> posted "so we need a PUBLISH button" now morphs into something that 
> gets considerably more complex!
> You mentioned pricing, inventory, image available and approvals (all 
> good considerations). I would add to this the complexity of Virtual / 
> Variant product definitions. And the introduced/discontinued date.
> So now we very quickly get into something more complex. What if an 
> eCommerce client is not using OFBiz inventory (we have clients that 
> accept orders into their existing ERP solution and manage inventory 
> from there)? We have yet more clients that want variants with no or 
> low inventory to be listed -- in their case if that variant is 
> selected the customer knows it is "out of stock". What if pricing 
> expires on a certain date (so in a few days there will not be any 
> pricing available)? And approvals (workflow, who can approve? what if 
> they are on vacation? multiple levels of approval?) opens up a 
> complete other aspect of managing products (and any content for that 
> matter).
> Again, all possible. But it just goes to show that any simple idea has 
> big implications in a solution as comprehensive as OFBiz. We know from 
> experience that unless requirements are fully documented, discussed 
> and reviewed all sorts of problems can occur. This is why everything 
> in BigFish is fully documented, discussed and developer reviewed 
> before any actual development takes place -- it would be impossible to 
> build a viable solution without this discipline.
> BTW: glad to see that you're keeping an eye out for our BigFish 
> enhancements! Ideas always welcome for improvements!
> Best Regards,
> Nick Rosser
> nrosser@salmonllc.com
> O: 516.742.7888 x221
> C: 516.901.1720
> On 5/21/2012 8:50 AM, Ruth Hoffman wrote:
>> Hi Nick:
>> I agree with you 100%. IMHO it is noteworthy that BigFish does 
>> implement an entirely new UI to expose these functions.
>> In my ideal world, I would add to BigFish and build a new 
>> application. This application would, under certain circumstances 
>> (these are the business rules that I mentioned earlier) allow the 
>> publish function (the "button" that sets the active/inactive date) to 
>> only "work" when, for example:
>> A valid price exists
>> There is enough inventory to cover fulfillment
>> There is at least one image of the correct resolution
>> The product description or other content has been approved
>> Each one of these requirements is driven by a business rule. Right 
>> now, the only way that these business rules are enforced are by the 
>> order of the data entry screens and/or the BigFish product loader. 
>> (BTW, I've had an opportunity to use BigFish recently, so I'm pretty 
>> up-to-date on its features/functions. Nice job!)
>> Best Regards,
>> Ruth Hoffman
>> Adaptive Enterprise Solutions, LLC.
>> http://www.myofbiz.com
>> http://www.aesolves.com
>> On 5/21/12 8:29 AM, Nick Rosser wrote:
>>> There is also something similar in our BigFish implementation. 
>>> Checkout resources at http://bigfish.salmonllc.com -- in particular 
>>> the Admin Module for one of the demo instances at 
>>> https://bigfish.salmonllc.com:8442/osafe-admin/control/main. The 
>>> Catalog/Product area allows entry of a new product.
>>> We have exposed all aspects of a Product definition for an eComm 
>>> application. Having a "Publish" function would be very easy to 
>>> implement -- it would essentially manage the start/end date.
>>> As is often the case, all the "pieces" are available in OFBiz, just 
>>> a matter of exposing the functionality in a different way.
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Nick Rosser
>>> nrosser@salmonllc.com
>>> O: 516.742.7888 x221
>>> C: 516.901.1720
>>> On 5/21/2012 8:21 AM, Ruth Hoffman wrote:
>>>> Hi Heidi:
>>>> I started working on something like this a long time ago but got 
>>>> distracted with other projects. I was using the workflow part of 
>>>> the data model to managing the process of creating and publishing a 
>>>> product. My solution was a new "Product Management" application. It 
>>>> didn't require data model changes but rather a completely new UI.  
>>>> (An OFBiz webapp etc. with webpages, events...)
>>>> Best Regards,
>>>> Ruth Hoffman
>>>> On 5/21/12 8:04 AM, Info Olagos wrote:
>>>>> Hi Ruth,
>>>>> Yes, i think it is smoother to push one button, than to have to 
>>>>> think to
>>>>> set every date available in the catalog manager on the right date and
>>>>> change it afterwards.
>>>>> But i think in that case database model should change a little bit.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Eric&  Heidi
>>>>> 2012/5/21 Ruth Hoffman<rhoffman@aesolves.com>
>>>>>> Hi Heidi:
>>>>>> IMHO, these responses are missing the point and show a total lack
>>>>>> understanding surrounding the many and varied business rules behind
>>>>>> publishing a product catalog.
>>>>>> I think this is a really cool idea and would certainly set OFBiz

>>>>>> apart
>>>>>> from any competition.
>>>>>> Best Regards,
>>>>>> Ruth Hoffman
>>>>>> Owner, Adaptive Enterprise Solutions, LLC
>>>>>> http://www.myofbiz.com
>>>>>> On 5/21/12 3:21 AM, Atul Vani wrote:
>>>>>>> The solution would be to not add the product to the VIEW_ALLOW

>>>>>>> category
>>>>>>> until you are done setting it up.
>>>>>>> Thanks&   Regards
>>>>>>> Atul Vani
>>>>>>> Enterprise Software Developer
>>>>>>> HotWax Media Pvt. Ltd.
>>>>>>> http://www.hotwaxmedia.com/
>>>>>>> We are the Global Leaders in Apache OFBiz, Google 'ofbiz' and

>>>>>>> see for
>>>>>>> yourself.
>>>>>>> On 05/21/2012 12:47 PM, Venkat Mangudi wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>>> Why don't you use the start date/end date on the product
>>>>>>>> control
>>>>>>>> visibility in the catalog?
>>>>>>>> --Venkat
>>>>>>>> On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 12:03 AM, Info 
>>>>>>>> Olagos<info.olagos@gmail.com>
>>>>>>>>   wrote:
>>>>>>>>   Hello,
>>>>>>>>> What should be a very nice feature in Ofbiz which doesn't

>>>>>>>>> exist at the
>>>>>>>>> moment, is the following:
>>>>>>>>> It should be nice if you could insert all the data for
>>>>>>>>> certain new
>>>>>>>>> product in different days. Let's say day one, you do
the product
>>>>>>>>> properties, day two you continue with the content part,
>>>>>>>>> three you
>>>>>>>>> continue with the price, etc.
>>>>>>>>> You only publish the new product when you have completed
>>>>>>>>> data. So
>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>> product doesn't appear not complete on the webpage.
>>>>>>>>> So one need a PUBLISH button.
>>>>>>>>> I don't think that is possible at the moment in Ofbiz.
>>>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>>>> Heidi&   Eric
>>>>>>>>> -- 
>>>>>>>>> Olagos bvba
>>>>>>>>> http://www.olagos.eu<http://**www.olagos.eu/<http://www.olagos.eu/>>

>>>>>>>>> http://www.olagos.com
>>>>>>>>> http://www.olagos.be
>>>>>>>>> http://www.olagos.nl
>>>>>>>>> Olagos team
>>>>>>>>> Heesterbos 5
>>>>>>>>> 2570 Duffel
>>>>>>>>> Belgium

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