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From Trenton Perceval <trentonperce...@gmail.com>
Subject OFBiz integration with CAS and LDAP
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 14:34:26 GMT
I would like to ask you for a help with OFBiz integration with CAS and LDAP.

My environment is as follows:
1. Apache Directory Server 1.5.7
2. CAS Server 3.4.11 deployed on Tomcat 7.0.23
3. Apache OFBiz 10.04 (default deployment)

Problem: logging into OFBiz with assistance of CAS does not work.

What is already done:
- working CAS server (authentication works well with Liferay 6.1, with SSO
as well)
- working Apache Directory Server with my simple custom directory tree

What happens: after successfull authentication and ticket grant in CAS, I
still get the login page in OFBiz.


### /specialpurpose/ldap/conf/ldap.xml ###
    <!-- common configuration -->

    <!-- <BaseDN>uid=admin,ou=system</BaseDN> -->

    <!-- for CAS-LDAP -->


<!-- for MS Active Directory -->

### /framework/common/webcommon/WEB-INF/common-controller.xml ###

    <!-- Security Mappings -->
    <request-map uri="checkLogin" edit="false">
        <description>Verify a user is logged in.</description>
        <security https="true" auth="false"/>
        <event type="java" path="org.ofbiz.ldap.LdapLoginWorker"
        <response name="success" type="view" value="main"/>
        <response name="error" type="view" value="login"/>
    <request-map uri="login">
        <security https="true" auth="false"/>
        <event type="java" path="org.ofbiz.ldap.LdapLoginWorker"
        <response name="success" type="view" value="main"/>
        <response name="requirePasswordChange" type="view"
        <response name="error" type="view" value="login"/>
    <request-map uri="logout">
        <security https="true" auth="true"/>
        <event type="java" path="org.ofbiz.ldap.LdapLoginWorker"
        <response name="success" type="request-redirect" value="main"/>
        <response name="error" type="view" value="main"/>

I have also prepared some part of debug.log from /runtime/logs directory.
It can be found here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=PvXALQGi
It is only part, where checkLogin is mentioned. I could not put whole file,
because its size is about 5 MB.
If you need it, I will provide whole file in some way.

I think CAS does not cause a problem, because it works well with other
services like Liferay and Moodle on my server.
The problem lays rather in OFBiz. Unfortunately, there is a very tiny
amount of information on the web about such integration.
In fact, you can see that I used some config samples present on the web
with small modification according to my directory tree.
It looks as follows:
|- ou=uzytkownicy
   |-- uid=kowalskij
   |-- uid=nowakp

My aim is to ingerate few different elements like OFBiz, Liferay and Moodle
with CAS assistance.
I have already configured it for Liferay, which authenticates users by
Maybe these causes a problem? How to configure it in OFBiz? I would like to
have e-mail authenatication in OFBiz too.

I am stuck. I would appreciate any help.

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