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From "Marcus Peixoto" <marcuspeix...@yahoo.com.br>
Subject RE: Problem when creating a Purchase Order from requirements
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 13:34:53 GMT
Hi Deepika,   

Thanks for your answer, 
I had already done all these things. The products had a supplier and their correct prices
associated, in USD and BRL. The products also had facilities associated. The range dates were
correct. All roles had been set up as well. 

But the currency.uom.id.default in general.properties was set to BRL. 
When I commented it out the system started to work fine, I mean, using its multi-currency
feature correctly. 

Best regards,

Marcus Peixoto

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From: Deepika1 S [mailto:deepika1.s@tcs.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 2:27 AM
To: Marcus Peixoto
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Subject: Re: Problem when creating a Purchase Order from requirements

Hi Marcus,

I think you need to add the product  in the SupplierProduct entity, since 
it has the mapping between the supplier partyId and the product. There you 
have a column called currencyUomId, make it USD or EUR depending on the 
currency in which the supplier is going to sell the product.
Let me know if any further queries.


"Marcus Peixoto" <marcuspeixoto@yahoo.com.br>
04/17/2012 02:31 AM
Problem when creating a Purchase Order from requirements

I need some advice with the following issue. Can somebody help me, please? 


I’m trying to generate a Purchase Order in USD currency from requirements 
generated by a store using BRL: 


-    A customer Buys in BRL in a Brazilian store (facility 1), through 
Sales Order. 

-    The Brazilian Store generates requirements for US store (facility 2). 


So far so good. 

But when I try to create a Purchase Order based on the requirements, the 
system gives me a message “SupplierProduct” not found. 


After check everything out, prices, facilities, range dates, having no 
success, I decided to debug it. 


And for my surprise, I realized that the Shopping Cart’s currency is being 
defined based on HTTP locale and not on the parties currencyUomId. 


Is this right? 



package org.ofbiz.order.shoppingcart;

public class ShoppingCartEvents {

    public static String quickInitPurchaseOrder(HttpServletRequest 
request, HttpServletResponse response) {

        Delegator delegator = (Delegator) 

        LocalDispatcher dispatcher = (LocalDispatcher) 

        HttpSession session = request.getSession();

        Locale locale = UtilHttp.getLocale(request);


        ShoppingCart cart = new WebShoppingCart(request);

        // TODO: the code below here needs some cleanups






I tried with 9.04 version and now with the recently lauched 10.04.x. 

What else can I try? 


Thank you! 



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