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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: Problem with CatalogServletUrl
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 08:53:38 GMT
I meant maybe it fixes the issue (I did not get into details of the text below). But it's unlikely

From: "Jacopo Cappellato" <jacopo.cappellato@hotwaxmedia.com>
>I don't think it is related because the commit was done later than this email was sent.
> Jacopo
> On Mar 2, 2012, at 5:37 AM, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>> Not sure it's related but see http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=1295029&view=rev
>> Jacques
>> From: "parimal gain" <gain.parimal@gmail.com>
>>> Hi there is some discrepancies in CatalogUrlServlet I'm facing ie. when I
>>> am using <@ofbizCatalogAltUrl to prepare
>>> product/category url for my application its showing different behavior
>>> depends on the images availability rendering
>>> for the webpage.
>>> scenario :
>>> 1)  When used <@ofbizCatalogAltUrl productCategoryId=${currentCategoryId}
>>> previousCategoryId="${prevCategoryId}" /> and there is one image path in
>>> webpage exists that don't exists in specified location :
>>>   In this case my request request halted. When I looked at console then
>>> came to know that the category request      called two time. It took the
>>> specified categories, begins, executs properly and message comes Category
>>> request Done, but at the same time caregory request again begin and it
>>> doGet() of CatalogUrlServlet class again called. This time doGet() take
>>> pathInfo = path of the image that is not available in the specified path
>>> from the request.
>>> Then doGet() split this path and cosider each part of splited item as
>>> category and tries to execute which is wrong, and system gets halted.
>>> 2)  But in the same case if the images is available and in the whole
>>> webpage each image is available in there specified location that time
>>> request works properly without halting.
>>> 3)  When used <@ofbizCatalogAltUrl productCategoryId=${currentCategoryId}
>>> previousCategoryId="" /> : In this case everything works fine whether image
>>> for the page is available to the specified location or not.
>>> So here my question is
>>> 1) Why request calls multiple time when passing previousCategory Id at the
>>> time of making the url?
>>> 2) From where the request getting the pathinfo ie. where this attribute
>>> added to request as pathinfo at run time.
>>> 3) Why doGet() takes image path which is not available?
>>> I don't know whether this is issue of CatalogUrlServlet or anything else,
>>> but I am facing this while testing my application.
>>> Can anybody help me on this.
>>> Thanks in advance!!!!

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