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From "Paul Piper" ...@ilscipio.com>
Subject AW: [Security Concern] Printing out credit card information on the log file?
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 09:07:47 GMT
I also agree that this is probably a security issue and could mean that you
are not getting the proper validation by credit card companies. You need to
be accredited by credit card companies with PCI CSS to even be allowed to
support creditcard transaction directly (unless you use an external iPayment
service for this) and there you cannot store this sort of data in the logs.
Only xxxx-ed out credit card information should be used.

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Betreff: Re: [Security Concern] Printing out credit card information on the
log file?

From: "Vicky Park" <vicky@pexsupply.com>
> Hello folks,
> I realized that printing some information on log files could violate 
> PCI CSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) depends on how 
> they configure the system, and how to use the log file. If I 
> understood correctly, we're printing card holder's information 
> including credit card number, expiration and CVV num in plain text on log
> If we don't print out on the log at all on the live site, that would 
> solve the problem. But if there is a person who wasn't aware of that 
> fact,  he might accidentally violate the PCI DSS compliance. For 
> example, let's say there is a person who keeps the log to be printed 
> on the live site. And for some reason, he downloaded log file to his 
> local computer and kept unsafe location, or passed to someone else to 
> let them take a look that log file for asking help. Then I believe he 
> is violating the PCI CSS compliance accidentally.
> Code involved 1:
> [PayflowPro.java:166]
> if (Debug.verboseOn()) Debug.logVerbose("Sending to Verisign: " + 
> params.toString(), module);
> Logs which is being printed:
> [Datetime] (TP-Processor70) [         PayflowPro.java:166:INFO ] Sending 
> to Verisign: PARTNER=verisign&VENDOR=[Company 
> ]&USER=[UserID]&PWD=[Password]&COMMENT1=[Order ID]&PONUM=[PO Order Id]

> &CUSTCODE=[Customer's code]&TRXTYPE=[]&TENDER=[]&CVV2=*[CVV
> number*]&AMT=[Amount]&ACCT=*[16 digit credit card number in plain 
> text]*&FIRSTNAME=[Cardholder's firstname]&LASTNAME=[Card holder's last 
> name]&COMMENT2=[]&EXPDATE=*[expiration date]*&STREET=[Card holder's 
> address&ZIP=[card holder's zip code]
> Code involved 2:
> [RequestHandler.java:719]
> if (Debug.infoOn()) Debug.logInfo("Sending redirect to: [" + url + "], 
> sessionId=" + UtilHttp.getSessionId(req), module);
> => I realized that credit card information is being printed from 
> different file as well (RequestHandler.java:719). I need to check what 
> service triggers RequestHandler.java:719 and passes credit card 
> information within url variable. But at least I noticed sometimes that 
> line in the log file contains credit card information in plain text as
> PCI DSS involved:
> 7. Restrict access to cardholder data by business need-to-know 9. 
> Restrict physical access to cardholder data 
> [Reference]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payment_Card_Industry_Data_Sec
> urity_Standard
> So, here is my questions & recommendation:
> 1. As we (at least I) want to keep log for in case, I think it's 
> better to not to print out credit card information to the log file. 
> What do you think? Do you think deleting that line is the best option?

It's very unlikely that anybody would run a production server with log set
at verbose level at any moment for all classes/packages.
But we could easily comment out this line indeed (not deleting it)

> 2.  If you guys think it's better to print out at least some 
> information to log file for some purpose, I believe it's better to 
> print out in encrypted format rather than in plain text. Otherwise we 
> can print out last 4 digit or first 4 digit, not entire number.

Not needed if commentout, then people would be really aware that they are
sending it to log

> 3. Do you know what triggers RequestHander to print out credit card 
> information?

I expect commenting line in PayflowPro.java would be enough

> 4. Is there any other file you can think of which likely print out 
> credit card information to log file?

I don't think so. PayflowPro is not used OOTB in OFBiz IIRW


> Hope it would be helpful for security improvement for myself and 
> someone else who may use ofbiz on the live site.
> Thanks you for reading.

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