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From 叶双明 <yeshuangm...@gmail.com>
Subject problem for on-event-update-area ‘s parameter of form
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 12:16:20 GMT
Hi all,

I want to implement ajax search by form widget, use on-event-update-area

form definition:

<form name="FindExamplesAjax" type="single"
target="FindExamplesByAjax" default-entity-name="Example">
        <field name="noConditionFind"><hidden value="Y"/><!-- if this
isn't there then with all fields empty no query will be done
        <field name="exampleId"
        <field name="exampleName"

        <field name="searchButton" title="${uiLabelMap.CommonFind}"
widget-style="smallSubmit"><submit button-type="button"/></field>

        <on-event-update-area area-target="ListExampleFormOnly"
event-type="submit" area-id="FindExampleAjax">
        	<parameter param-name="exampleName" value="exampleValue"/>

and the result html for button is:
<input type="button"
'FindExampleAjax,/practice/control/ListExampleFormOnly,')" value="查找"
name="searchButton" class="smallSubmit">

'FindExampleAjax,/practice/control/ListExampleFormOnly,' is second
parameter for ajaxSubmitFormUpdateAreas function,
FindExampleAjax is areaId,
/practice/control/ListExampleFormOnly is target
and I find it loss the target parameters,

how can i pass the search option to the target?


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