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From Steve Fatula <st...@neobits.com>
Subject Embedded Tomcat, getRemoteAddr, httpd proxy
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 06:21:51 GMT
So, using the built in ofbiz Tomcat, and, a Apache httpd front end to tomcat, getRemoteAddr
for ip tracking in visits returns, which I suppose it should.

One can turn on stats.proxy.enabled, and that indeed often returns a single IP, but, often
multiple ips in a comma separated list. Since that merely uses the x-forwarded-for header,
that's indeed the documented behavior. But, we don't want to store multiple ips.

Tomcat apparently comes with a remoteIpValve, but, not sure if this can be configured into
the ofbiz embedded tomcat. Probably not, unless I missed it, it's not in the code.

Is there another solution to this? I want the IP that would be returned by the tomcat remoteIpValve,
which is the rightmost non internal address. Or, is there a better way? What do people do
for this?

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