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From Matt Warnock <mwarn...@ridgecrestherbals.com>
Subject Re: Installation on CentOS 5.6 with PostgreSQL
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2011 23:28:45 GMT
On Fri, 2011-11-11 at 07:35 +0100, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
> From: "Matt Warnock" <mwarnock@ridgecrestherbals.com>
> You could submit a change to the README. Also we could update it (memory used)

Good idea.  Here is a proposed patch for the README:

< Once that is properly setup just run the executable jar file
> OFBiz uses the java build tool "ant".  A copy of "ant" is included
> with OFBiz, and the OFBiz codebase is designed for use with the
> included version.  Using a different version of ant (such as the one
> installed with your java JDK) may produce different results.  The
> above commands (note the use of "./ant", not just "ant" in linux) will
> use the local OFBiz version. Running the "./ant -p" command in this
> directory will show the many build targets available for OFBiz.
> Once OFBiz is properly setup just run the executable jar file
> or easier still, using ant, just use the following command:
> linux:    ./ant run
> windows:  ant run
< operating systems, namely startofbiz.bat and startofbiz.sh.
> operating systems, namely startofbiz.bat and startofbiz.sh.  
> These scripts will start OFBiz in a console window, with a lot of
> logging output to the screen.  This output is also saved in the log
> file at runtime/logs/ofbiz.log.  To halt the server while it is
> running, press Ctrl-C.
> For scripts to run OFBiz as a background process, or to start, stop,
> restart, or show status of an OFBiz background process, see:
> rc.ofbiz (for CentOS, Redhat, and similar systems)
> rc.ofbiz.for.debian
> rc.ofbiz.for.ubuntu

I have not changed the memory line, as I don't know what the current
default preference is but I assume it may be in the current build.xml
target for ./ant run?

Also while we're at it, all of the rc.ofbiz* files should have the
executable bit set, and at least the debian and ubuntu versions of
should have the first line changed to #!/bin/bash, as they won't run
with the default /bin/sh (which is dash).  

Finally, we should probably provide instructions to add a symlink
at /usr/local/sbin/ofbiz (or /etc/init.d/ofbiz) to whichever rc.ofbiz*
is appropriate, and you would have a working server daemon similar to
others on the system.  However, when I tried running those scripts from
a server (through ssh) and then logged out, IIRC, the daemon died.  I
seem to recall having to add a "nohup" before the $JAVA command to make
them work.

Matt Warnock <mwarnock@ridgecrestherbals.com>
RidgeCrest Herbals, Inc.

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