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From Ruth Hoffman <rhoff...@aesolves.com>
Subject Re: ofbiz with no JavaScript
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 19:28:45 GMT
Hi BJ:
Just to give a little more info:

At one time the US Defense Department did not allow Javascript on its 
computers (as you describe below). Not sure if this is still a mandate. 
They also have a very strict accessibility requirement called Section 
508 which details how web pages should be usable by visually impaired 
individuals. I know for a fact that Section 508 is still enforce and 
that OFBiz does not meet many those standards.

I'm wondering how HTML5 might help take up some of the slack?

Anyhow, I tend to agree with you. At the very least, all webpages should 
degrade "nicely" when Javascript is disabled.
Best regards,

On 9/3/11 11:44 AM, BJ Freeman wrote:
> For sometime I have been promoting ofbiz to a larger Company.
> it is National with headquarters in One City and Multiple manufacturing
> and Assembly Plants in multiple States.
> They use VPN to tie all together.
> My contact was impressed in ofbiz I showed him on the Demo site, while
> he was at home. He went to show others at work and it did not work well.
> His Company has a security rule that does not allow any JavaScript into
> their computers, as well all their internal websites can not use javascript.
> You can See the results by disabling JavaScript in your browser and look
> at the Ofbiz Demo.
> I have been given to the end of Sept to come up with a proposal on
> delivering the functionality but without JavaScript.
> The staffing for doing this is an additional 10-20 positions for 1-5 years.
> My problem is I have not found  enough people that:
> 1)Understand the Design of Ofbiz
> 2)Understand the Modeling used based on the videos David did
> 3)willing to work with the tools that was developed in Ofbiz.
> 4)Know Ofbiz well enough to reuse code already available.
> 5)be able to develop code that will do the what is done in JavaScript
> but no use javascript.
> This project is worth 100's thousand US dollars. Of that, I am willing
> of use 10% to fund those working on the project to augment ofbiz in the
> same spirit.
> The focus of this email is maybe the ofbiz team should re-think the
> direction OFbiz is going.

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