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From Scott Gray <scott.g...@hotwaxmedia.com>
Subject Re: Best way to remove demo data?
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2011 03:16:54 GMT
Oh, you do this for every bug fix do you?  I was merely giving examples of repeated efforts
to keep the trunk stable and pointing out that new features introduce bugs and at times those
bugs will appear in areas that were previously considered stable.  Unit tests are a good idea
but they take time to create and maintain and a relatively small amount of OFBiz is covered
by them.  Using a released version requires much less work and virtually no risk of regression
between minor releases.


On 26/07/2011, at 2:57 PM, Hans Bakker wrote:

> If errors come back, why not add a junit test to check it what we did
> for the shopping cart and checkout?
> That is the best assurance an error does not come back......
> On Tue, 2011-07-26 at 14:33 +1200, Scott Gray wrote:
>> If people are willing to believe that the trunk carries minimal extra risks in terms
of stability and bugs then good luck to them.  The number of open bugs in JIRA is a pretty
good indication that bugs occur regularly and sometimes take years to fix.  
>> The reality is that every commit carries a risk of regression and I've personally
fixed many bugs repeatedly as they continue to resurface with new commits.  Editing an order
with promotions is an example of this, I've fixed it at least twice over the years and I believe
it's broken again at the moment.  Order and invoice rounding is another issue I've had to
deal with a few times.
>> Obviously there is a reason that OFBiz, just like most other software, creates and
maintains releases.  That reason is stability for end users.
>> Regards
>> Scott
>> On 26/07/2011, at 1:20 PM, Hans Bakker wrote:
>>> I can really say that the trunk version has only very minimal extra
>>> risks especially if you are supported by an OFBiz service provider who
>>> is using OFBiz himself like us.
>>> We are always using the trunk version for Antwebsystems.com for most
>>> functions within our own company and upgrade at a maximum every month.
>>> Once in a while (1-2 times per year) we find blocking problems. We do
>>> however always fix these within hours and in the mean time provide an
>>> earlier svn version which was functioning well. 
>>> We advise our users to upgrade the system at least once every 3 months
>>> when the upgrade efforts are minimal.
>>> Regards,
>>> Hans
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>>> On Tue, 2011-07-26 at 12:48 +1200, Scott Gray wrote:
>>>> I'd definitely encourage early adopters to go for 11.04, but at the end of
the day the choice between 10.04, 11.04 or the trunk is simply a matter of weighing the desire
for new features against risk of instability and bugs.
>>>> The use of vendor branches is equally applicable to any version of OFBiz.
 I was simply pointing out that some committers are more likely to recommend the trunk because
it is easier for them to work with, but perhaps it is not necessarily in the best interests
of the client due to the increased risks.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Scott
>>>> On 26/07/2011, at 2:54 AM, Mike wrote:
>>>>> Why 10.04 vs 11.04 at this point?  11.04 is way better (blogging
>>>>> actually works).
>>>>> Also, as long as you have gone through the initial trouble of setting
>>>>> up your own vendor branch (real important) using trunk is feasible.
>>>>> On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 3:44 AM, Scott Gray <scott.gray@hotwaxmedia.com>
>>>>>> Just to put out an opposing point of view, I recommend using the
latest stable release and not the trunk.  The trunk is susceptible to new bugs whereas 10.04
is not and in fact has seen nothing but bug fixes for the past 15 months.  So imagine taking
the trunk and spending 15 months only fixing bugs, that is what 10.04 is.  Does the trunk
have more features? Yes, but in my opinion you're unlikely to need any of them and if you
do you can always consider back porting the relevant code that you need.
>>>>>> Using the trunk is simply more convenient for committers because
they can commit their changes instead of maintaining patches like everyone else.  Most users
don't have that power and if they do submit a patch it is pretty unlikely it will get committed
very quickly.
>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>> Scott
>>>>>> On 24/07/2011, at 4:45 PM, Hans Bakker wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi Tim,
>>>>>>> i just tested with the trunk version and followed the following
>>>>>>> http://www.antwebsystems.com/control/ViewBlogArticle?contentId=16907
>>>>>>> There it is working well.
>>>>>>> I advice you to use the latest trunk version and not 10.04. Here
>>>>>>> Antwebsystems we always use the latest version from svn which
in my
>>>>>>> opinion has the least problems and the most features.
>>>>>>> If there would be a blocking problem in the latest version, we
>>>>>>> fix that within a couple of hours after reporting.
>>>>>>> Further, Postgresql is preferred above Mysql seeing the recent
>>>>>>> by Oracle and the following article:
>>>>>>> http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Why_PostgreSQL_Instead_of_MySQL:_Comparing_Reliability_and_Speed_in_2007
>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>> Hans
>>>>>>> On Fri, 2011-06-03 at 12:59 -0700, Tim Stoel wrote:
>>>>>>>> I have OfBiz 10.04 installed on a local server with MySQL
as the database
>>>>>>>> engine, we┬╣ve been working with this for about six months
now. We are
>>>>>>>> intending to use OfBiz for eCommerce, as well as sales order
processing for
>>>>>>>> eBay orders and have made a lot of progress in adapting it
to our business.
>>>>>>>> When we installed OfBiz, there is a lot of demo data in the
database.  I
>>>>>>>> wondered what the best way is to deal with this data.  When
I setup OfBiz
>>>>>>>> with only seed data, it seemed a lot of things were not configured
that were
>>>>>>>> useful, which is why I went back to using all of the demo
data.  Should it
>>>>>>>> be deleted one record at a time manually using another database
tool?  What
>>>>>>>> is the best path to get from an install of OfBiz to using
it without the
>>>>>>>> excess demo entries?  Is there any documentation on this?
>>>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>>>> Tim
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>>>>>>> Ofbiz on twitter: http://twitter.com/apache_ofbiz
>>>>>>> Myself on twitter: http://twitter.com/hansbak
>>>>>>> Antwebsystems.com: Quality services for competitive rates.
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>>> Ofbiz on twitter: http://twitter.com/apache_ofbiz
>>> Myself on twitter: http://twitter.com/hansbak
>>> Antwebsystems.com: Quality services for competitive rates.
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> Ofbiz on twitter: http://twitter.com/apache_ofbiz
> Myself on twitter: http://twitter.com/hansbak
> Antwebsystems.com: Quality services for competitive rates.

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