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From Mansour Al Akeel <mansour.alak...@gmail.com>
Subject Creating parties
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2011 23:43:34 GMT
Hello all,
I didn't use the parties component extensively, and don't know a lot about it.
Here's the scenario we have. Three Group parties:
Sales /marketing/Distributing
The distributor obtains the requirements and hires the Programmers
through the "Recruitment" company. Billing is done by hour.
In each company there's two employees that interact with the system.
programmer1 , programmer2
hr manager 1, hr manager2
project manager1, project manager2

We need to setup the system, to handle the requirements communication,
timesheet, project management ... etc.
I have created the three group parties, and 6 employees parties, and
stopped there not knowing how to connect them.

How to associate users (employee) with companies (Group Party) ?
I tried to go to Relationships page and use  "Add other party
relationship", but those fields are not clear to me. For example  "in
the Role of" .... etc.
Let's say I need to put hr_manager1 as an employee of "Recruiter" ??
How many accounts I need, knowing that the recruiter get a percentage ?

What do I need to do after that ?

Guessing is not very help full here as it relies on trial and error,
and an error may not be initially visible. So I like to get an advice
from someone with more experience in this area.

Thank you.

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