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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: Display VAT on checkout pages
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2011 07:16:37 GMT
It seems nobody wants to add anything, so at this stage I'd say, yes


From: "Raj Saini" <rajsaini@gmail.com>
>I agree it is better to enhance the existing method.
> Should I create a JIRA issue for further discussion?
> Thanks,
> Raj
> On Sunday 20 March 2011 06:05 PM, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>> Though I did not look into code yet, I agree with Paul,
>> I don't think there are currently any countries in the world where you 
>> have Sale and Vat tax simultaneously. Of course, this could happens 
>> but I doubt. Anyway counting them both makes sense, even if it's maybe 
>> a shoot in the dark.
>> I totally agree on the purchase difference for VAT_TAX vs SALES_TAX. 
>> I'm not quite sure how is calculated VAT on discount so I have added a 
>> small explanation at  
>> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBIZ/VAT#VAT-Discountsappliedperline
>> My 2 cts
>> Jacques
>> From: "Paul Foxworthy" <paul@cohsoft.com.au>
>>> Hi Raj,
>>> I vote for enhancing the existing methods.
>>> If we think of the methods getTotalSalesTax and
>>> getOrderTaxByTaxAuthGeoAndParty as "what tax was collected as part of 
>>> the
>>> sale that must be paid to a tax authority?" then those methods should 
>>> look
>>> for VAT/GST as well as sales tax.
>>> Maybe there is some place in the world that has both a sales tax and a
>>> VAT/GST. If there was such a place, would you want these methods to 
>>> count
>>> both taxes or not? I think the answer is yes, you would want both 
>>> counted.
>>> To me, the tax types SALES_TAX and VAT_TAX are almost the same thing 
>>> *for a
>>> sale*. In both cases, we're collecting tax which is a liability that 
>>> must be
>>> paid to a tax authority.
>>> The major difference between a VAT/GST tax and a sales tax is we also 
>>> record
>>> the VAT tax we paid on *purchases*, and that affects the overall 
>>> liability
>>> at the time we must pay the tax authority. There's no sales tax on
>>> purchases.
>>> If you grep for SALES_TAX in the Ofbiz code, there are several instances
>>> where there's no mention of VAT_TAX, and yet the business rule should
>>> probably apply to both. I have been intending to do a thorough study 
>>> of all
>>> these instances when I get some time. I believe most of them should  
>>> change
>>> to "taxtype == SALES_TAX OR taxtype == VAT_TAX". It seems to me you're
>>> looking at several of those instances right now.
>>> When we summarise tax at the bottom of an order, I think the most
>>> interesting thing to show is total tax of whatever type, and the
>>> getTotalSalesTax method should do that job. The method getTotalSalesTax
>>> could possibly have a more general name, but I don't think that's really
>>> important.
>>> So as I said, I think it would be better to modify the methods. For 
>>> existing
>>> Ofbiz installations that only define tax authorities that collect a 
>>> sales
>>> tax, this change will not break anything at all.
>>> Cheers
>>> Paul Foxworthy
>>> rajsaini wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I am working a e-commerce application and using new VAT implementation.
>>>> I have a problem showing the VAT adjustment as TAX on cart/checkout
>>>> pages. ShoppingCart#getTotalSalesTax and in turn
>>>> OrderReadHelper#getOrderTaxByTaxAuthGeoAndParty always returns zero as
>>>> it does not consider the OrderAdjusment of VAT_TAX type.
>>>> I am working on enhancements and trying to find the best way so that it
>>>> is generic and my work could be contributed back to the community.
>>>> My question is should we add other method in ShippingCart and
>>>> OrderReadHelper classes for VAT or enhance the existing methods to
>>>> include the OrderAdjustments of VAT_TAX type.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Raj
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