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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: the data model...Party Group; Party; Relationships
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 23:30:28 GMT
the last times I looked at the opentaps CRm it uses entities not in ofbiz.
it also dose not follow using the partyrelationship as called out in the 
datamodel book.
which is why you need to discuss this in opentaps

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Justin Robinson sent the following on 2/23/2011 7:55 AM:
> Ok my questions are really about the ofbiz framework, but they are
> framed in the context of opentaps, as a means of illustration,
> I have had users of this mailing list who where touchy about the
> separation between the 2 systems(understandable).
> I'm customizing opentaps but I've looked&  the functionality I'm
> looking for doesn't exist as far as I can tell.
> So just substitute account for party of type party group; team member
> for party as type person etc.
> My object is to have accounts and contacts visible to all teams, but
> when it comes to cases have them only visible to select teams. If
> there where a team hierarchy where relationships were conferred by
> party groups or teams to their member parties, that could be
> accomplished.
> But that doesn't seem to be the cases......from what i understand
> If I create a team with say two members&  then assign an account to
> that team in the team members' party profile relationships section.
> Each of the team members have a relationship to that account. But then
> if I remove the first team member from the team, that team member's
> relationship to that account persists. Likewise if I add a third team
> member to the team. They do not then automatically have a relationship
> to the new account I had assigned to the team earlier.
> I had imagined that by assigning a team to an account the relationship
> between the account and the team would confer a relationship between
> the account and the the team members. But what actually seems to
> happen when an account is assigned to a team is that relationships are
> then created linking that account to each team member. The mechanism
> that performs the task of creating relationships, obviously isn't
> employed for situations where a team member is added to a team or
> removed from the team.
> Which I'm sure wouldn't be difficult to add, but I'm still confused
> about the data model hierarchy.
> I assume though when it comes to cases, the account or contact used to
> create the case and it's relationship to the team member, then does
> confer a relationship between the case and the team member. But then
> how is the difference established between my cases and my team's
> cases? Unless that is also conferred via the associated account or
> contact. Which would mean that if say if I wanted to assign a case to
> a technical team, I'd have to assign the account to their team.
> Assuming I'd added the mechanisms that remove relationships with team
> reassignment, that would then mean that the account was no longer
> visible to the customer service team?
> Having a look at:
> com.opensourcestrategies.crmsfa.teams.TeamServices
> com.opensourcestrategies.crmsfa.party.PartyHelper
> org.opentaps.common.party.PartyHelper
> the copyToPartyRelationships() method seems to be where team members
> are related to the account.
> But if I am to remove the relationships between a team member and the
> team's accounts.(if that memember is removed from the team) Then I
> need to know which relationships for that team memeber's party where
> oringinally created because of his memembership to the team&  there's
> no record I can see of which accounts belong to the team........?
>> From an ofbiz piont of viw can anyone give me some insight into the
> party of type party group, party of type person relationship situation

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