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From Chatree Srichart <chatree.srich...@gmail.com>
Subject How to configure the JposEntry for Epson's cash drawer for POS?
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 10:24:59 GMT
Hi community,

I have a problem concerning to configuring the Epson's cash drawer for POS.
I use an Epson TM-U220B printer. I can configure jpos.xml file for that
because there is a example configuration for Epson TM-T88III printer in the
jpos.xml. Unfortunately, there is not an example configuration for cash
drawer. Could you please tell me how to configure the JposEntry in the
jpos.xml file for a cash drawer?

My cash drawer is not an Epson's model but it work fine when I test with the
SetupPOS program of Epson.

This is my JposEntry for the Epson TM-U220B printer:

<JposEntry logicalName="TM-T88III">
        <vendor name="SEIKO EPSON" url="http://www.epson.co.jp"/>
        <jpos category="POSPrinter" version="1.8"/>
        <product description="EPSON TM-T88III Printer Device Service"
name="EPSON Services for JavaPOS(TM) Standard" url="http://www.epson.co.jp

        <!--Other non JavaPOS required property (mostly vendor properties
and bus specific properties i.e. RS232 )-->
        <prop name="dataBits" type="String" value="8"/>
        <prop name="Parity" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="portName" type="String" value="COM1"/>
        <prop name="U375Compatible" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="deviceBus" type="String" value="RS232"/>
        <prop name="DataLen" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="UsedJAI" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="TimeoutTime" type="String" value="5000"/>
        <prop name="baudRate" type="String" value="9600"/>
        <prop name="TwoColor" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="PortType" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="UsedNVRAM" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="StopBit" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="RetryTime" type="String" value="100"/>
        <prop name="ErrorOption" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="ReverseEject" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="SerialPowerWaitTime" type="String" value="500"/>
        <prop name="InputWait" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="AnalysisLevel" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="BufferSize" type="String" value="2"/>
        <prop name="DeviceDesc" type="String" value="EPSON TM-T88III
        <prop name="OutputLength" type="String" value="10"/>
        <prop name="parity" type="String" value="None"/>
        <prop name="stopBits" type="String" value="1"/>
        <prop name="PortName" type="String" value="COM1"/>  <!-- Windows -->
        <!--prop name="PortName" type="String" value="/dev/ttyS0"/--> <!--
RS232 Linux -->
        <!--prop name="PortName" type="String" value="/dev/usbtm0"/--> <!--
USB Linux, set before something like "sudo chmod 666 /dev/usbtm0" -->
        <prop name="ReceiveTimeout" type="String" value="10"/>
        <prop name="TwoByteCharacter" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="Page254UseCode" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="PhysicalDevice" type="String" value="TM-T88III"/>
        <prop name="PaperSize" type="String" value="80"/>
        <prop name="BaudRate" type="String" value="6"/>
        <prop name="Page255UseCode" type="String" value="0"/>
        <prop name="ServiceVersion" type="String" value="1.80"/>
        <prop name="flowControl" type="String" value="None"/>
        <prop name="FlowControl" type="String" value="1"/>

Thank you

Chatree Srichart

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