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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: How to import a pre existing product database
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2010 06:36:12 GMT
I am not clear what you are doing.
the example you show is for an entity DataImportProduct
which does not exist in the OOTB ofbiz
take a look at

for tab examples.


BJ Freeman
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James Lawton sent the following on 11/25/2010 6:36 PM:
> I am probably doing something stupid here...I have dug into the link that was posted
and it looks simple enough...however the code snippet is for a fixed width file rather than
a comma delimited file...and my attempts to create the right schema for importing product
are failing...If someone has a CSV file snippet to share that would be awesome
> So heading in a different direction I created the entity data snippet below:
> <!-- this file contains some sample products for testing the data import routine -->
> <entity-engine-xml>
>      <DataImportProduct productId="YG0081ATF" productTypeId="FINISHED_GOOD" description="1/8
x 1-59/64 CARBIDE DREAM DRILL W/O COOLANT HOLES (3XD)" price="22.13" priceCurrencyUomId="USD"
supplierPartyId="YG1" purchasePrice=""/>
>      <DataImportProduct productId="YG0081BTF" productTypeId="FINISHED_GOOD" description="1/8
x 15/64 CARBIDE DREAM DRILL W/ COOLANT HOLE" price="105.73" priceCurrencyUomId="USD" supplierPartyId="YG1"
> </entity-engine-xml>
> However every time I have tried to use the XML IMport tool it just keeps coming back
and saying that the either URL / file or the XML are not complete
> What am I doing wrong?
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> From: BJ Freeman [mailto:bjfree@free-man.net]
> Sent: November-09-10 6:00 PM
> To: user@ofbiz.apache.org
> Subject: Re: How to import a pre existing product database
> all web tools imports into memory so is limited to the amount of free memory of the sever.
> I imports files that are gigs in size so read in the files. I typical file has 25 columns
and takes about 15min.
> There is no need to write code to convert files to xml since the https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBENDUSER/OFBiz%27s+Data+File+Tools
> =========================
> BJ Freeman
> Strategic Power Office with Supplier Automation<http://www.businessesnetwork.com/automation/viewforum.php?f=52>
> Specialtymarket.com<http://www.specialtymarket.com/>
> Systems Integrator-- Glad to Assist
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> James McGill sent the following on 11/9/2010 12:38 PM:
>> On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 9:34 AM, James Lawton<jamesl@tofinosoftware.com>wrote:
>>> How would I import a pre existing product database? I currently have it in
>>> a
>>> CSV and I am looking for a method of getting that information into the
>>> database so that the imported items will show up in the catalog
>> OFBiz ETL is best done as XML seed data.
>> In your scenario I would seriously consider converting the CSV into XML (a
>> job for Perl),
>> and perhaps doing some input validation as part of that conversion, and then
>> loading the XML
>> as seed data.
>> If you really have a lot of ETL to do (e.g., processing that will take hours
>> or days to run through the service interface) you might be better off going
>> straight to the database.  You lose some of the traceability this way (e.g.,
>> logging and event side-effects) so it isn't recommended.  (We ran into
>> problems when loading in several years worth of historical data, orders and
>> inventory transactions.)
>> --
>> James McGill
>> Phoenix AZ

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