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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: James
Date Sat, 09 Oct 2010 07:28:32 GMT
From: "Raj Saini" <rajsaini@gmail.com>
> On 08/10/10 22:15, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>> From: "Adrian Crum" <adrianc@hlmksw.com>
>>> On 10/8/2010 9:10 AM, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>>>> From: "BJ Freeman" <bjfree@free-man.net>
>>>>> basically ofbiz will only work with one email account as it setup.
>>>> Form JavaMailContainer.java, it seems you can set many listeners.
>>>>> So if you have many email accounts that are needed then james can be
>>>>> configure to receive all these accounts and funnel then into one 
>>>>> account.
>>>> I see. It's used as a mail client forwarding to the JavaMailContainer,
>>>> that's it?
>>> James is a mail server. You would use it instead of an ISP-supplied 
>>> mail server, like BJ described.
>> Yes, that's what I have understood from the beginning.
>> As I have never worked with an mail server, there is something I still 
>> don't clearly understand. How do you handle emails coming from another 
>> server when you want to send them to OFBiz?
> I have been working with mail servers for some time and used James as 
> well. James is a SMTP, POP/IMAP server. You an use it as relay SMTP of 
> standalone SMTP. If you want other MTAs to send mails directory to 
> JAMES, you will need to create MX record in the DNS for your domain and 
> point it to the host where JAMES is installed.

Thanks Raj,

It's quite clear now :o)

>> Thanks
>> Jacques
>>> -Adrian

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