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From Ruth Hoffman <rhoff...@aesolves.com>
Subject Re: Business flow Graphing
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2010 10:12:35 GMT
  Hi BJ:
Thanks for the clarification. Let me ask the question another way: Are 
you automating the development of process flow diagrams for exist OFBiz 
applications such as the eCommerce application? If so, it will depend on 
how the process was implemented and where you want to start. IMHO it all 
starts with a user clicking on a form's "submit" button. So, in this 
case if you want to document how an order is processed starting from the 
webstore, you will need to read the controller.xml file(s) and go 
through any Events called from the form "submit" and figure out what 
happens based on the response message(s). Within any particular Event, 
you will need to be able to detect calls to Services and follow all the 
SECA chains and then parse and process each Service call. You will 
probably also need to detect calls to read/write from the database since 
1) this is an integral part of what OFBiz does to implement business 
rules and 2) there are ECAs on database tables that further refine 
business processing.

FYI - I've not had much luck with the Artifact tool. I'm running 9.04 
and have plenty of memory and CPU cycles but I can't get it work 
reliably. It often hangs and/or just fails completely. I think if 
someone could make that took more reliable, that would go a long way 
towards helping understand how OFBiz works.


On 9/21/10 10:04 PM, BJ Freeman wrote:
> I tried to make it general enough to cover many situations but here is 
> the core.
> what information (in ofbiz terms) do I need from the frame work and 
> applicatinos so display the business flow of say processing an order.
> in the context of things like the using the Aritfact and entity 
> maintance code, in webtools
> =========================
> BJ Freeman
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> Ruth Hoffman sent the following on 9/21/2010 6:55 PM:
>> Hi BJ:
>> I'm not sure I understand your question. Could you re-state it?
>> Many Thanks
>> Ruth
>> On 9/21/10 9:49 PM, BJ Freeman wrote:
>>> honest answer
>>> Don't know.
>>> I have used this applet for doing neural nets so have that coded and
>>> familiar with it. is my only answer.
>>> i an not sure you can do what the applet does without a lot of
>>> overhead to the server is my other thought.
>>> james_sg sent the following on 9/21/2010 6:33 PM:
>>>> Hi BJ,
>>>> May I know what is the advantage of using applet over javascript?
>>>> -james
>>>> BJ Freeman wrote:
>>>>> I posted on the dev list but the user list may be better place.
>>>>> I am going into uncharted waters for me so I could use some pointers.
>>>>> I am building many applets to show visual mapping of processes.
>>>>> you click on one of these and the data is marshaled and presented to
>>>>> the
>>>>> applet though the FTL for display. That part I got down.
>>>>> they are meant to help in development.
>>>>> they are display only.
>>>>> one of these is to show the flow from a specific point to the end
>>>>> point.
>>>>> so lets say an order is created is the start point selected. the 
>>>>> graph
>>>>> would step through all processes till the end point of accounting.
>>>>> so the help is Using things like the webtools what do I need to
>>>>> implement as based processes to support such a display.
>>>>> Like artifact slimmed down as well as entity relationships.
>>>>> I will figure it all out in time but some help would speed up the
>>>>> process.
>>>>> i think these would great tools for tutorials as well.
>>>>> =========================
>>>>> BJ Freeman
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