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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: Discount if paid within x days - supported?
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 16:51:08 GMT
did not see this till after I sent my reply.

I might suggest
1) when payment for a invoice is posted check the agreements for discounts
2) apply discount as a credit to the payment as a transaction
3) do not change the invoice
4) create a statements that show the invoice with credit for timely
payment per agreement.
this covers the discount and proper audit of the invoice discount in
Need to change the invoice screen to show any transaction payments and
credits with a balance

PS did not get to ofbiz first time this is a second send
aray sent the following on 9/21/2010 5:06 AM:
> I haven't quite finished the implementation since got pulled into something
> else. However, my general approach is to (taking the same example I shared
> earlier)
> 1. Test an incoming payment and see if it fulfills the pre-payment criteria.
> If it does then subtract the discounted amount from the invoice and compare
> to the payment and see if it meets the outstanding invoice amount after the
> adjustment. If it does then auto create a dummy payment with the discounted
> amount and then apply the same as well to clear off entire outstanding
> invoice amount.
> 2. The discounted amount payment should get credited to a trade or bill
> discount account.
> So, essentially this solves the problem that we have but may not necessarily
> be the best way of doing this. One can think of applying the discount
> directly to the invoice at the time of payment and preserving that sate.
> This is something that we may end up doing once we go past the basic
> implementation.
> - Aray

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