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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: working out the significance of various RoleTypes
Date Sun, 19 Sep 2010 21:28:48 GMT
Like I said most are defined and explained in the Datamodel book.
I do admit that an artifact in webtools, like the entity and services 
that shows the roles and all uses(services, widget, ftl) would make it 
so other than the book, doing searches is the only other way, currently.

BJ Freeman
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chris snow sent the following on 9/19/2010 2:22 PM:
> BJ, there are a quite a few pre-defined roles in PartyTypeData how
> will I know when to use one of the pre-defined RoleTypes and when to
> create my own, unless I know exactly what the pre-defined roles do?
> On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 10:16 PM, BJ Freeman<bjfree@free-man.net>  wrote:
>> MANAGER is generic and for small company enough
>> you want more granuallity meand you create a
>> Then implement it in the Facilities code and screens
>> then remove the MANAGER from your party and add your MANAGER_PACKING
>> you can also add TEAM_PACKING, for Those working in Packing.
>> =========================
>> BJ Freeman
>> Strategic Power Office with Supplier Automation
>>   <http://www.businessesnetwork.com/automation/viewforum.php?f=52>
>> Specialtymarket.com<http://www.specialtymarket.com/>
>> Systems Integrator-- Glad to Assist
>> Chat  Y! messenger: bjfr33man
>> chris snow sent the following on 9/19/2010 2:07 PM:
>>> This is confusing me, so what about if I rephrase my question:
>>> - I have a party, what roles should I give to the party?
>>> I don't want to give a role if I don't know what effect that role has.
>>>   For example, I have an employee who is a manager of a small team in
>>> my packing department.  There is a MANAGER role available in
>>> PartyTypeData, so this seems like a natural fit and I assign the
>>> MANAGER role to my packing manager.   I have now inadvertently given
>>> my manager extended privileges in the WebPOS.  This is clearly not my
>>> intention.
>>> On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 9:49 PM, BJ Freeman<bjfree@free-man.net>    wrote:
>>>> the basic use of roles it to define before there is data available.
>>>> it also is a way of selecting certain function (roles) of a party.
>>>> The Demo data is not complete and is there to show that one of the roles
>>>> you
>>>> can have is BUYER.
>>>> these are covered in the Datamodel book vol I.
>>>> chris snow sent the following on 9/19/2010 1:40 PM:
>>>>> A text search on the "BUYER" role type suggests that RoleType doesn't
>>>>> actually do anything other than act as a label for Parties.  I must be
>>>>> missing something?
>>>>> $ grep -r '"BUYER"' *
>>>>> applications/securityext/data/UserDemoData.xml:<PartyRole
>>>>> partyId="admin" roleTypeId="BUYER"/>
>>>>> applications/securityext/data/UserDemoData.xml:<PartyRole
>>>>> partyId="bizadmin" roleTypeId="BUYER"/>
>>>>> applications/party/data/PartyTypeData.xml:<RoleType
>>>>> description="Buyer" hasTable="N" parentTypeId="EMPLOYEE"
>>>>> roleTypeId="BUYER"/>
>>>>> applications/order/servicedef/orderProcessXPDL.xml:
>>>>> <Participant Id="BUYER" Name="Purchase Order Approval Role">
>>>>> applications/accounting/data/DemoPaymentsInvoices.xml:<PartyRole
>>>>> partyId="AcctBuyer" roleTypeId="BUYER"/>
>>>>> specialpurpose/workflow/data/OrderProcessWorkflow.xml:
>>>>> <WorkflowParticipant packageId="org.ofbiz.order"
>>>>> packageVersion="20030730144901" processId="_NA_" processVersion="_NA_"
>>>>> participantId="BUYER" participantName="Purchase Order Approval Role"
>>>>> description="Reviews and approves/rejects orders"
>>>>> participantTypeId="ROLE"/>
>>>>> specialpurpose/workflow/data/OrderProcessWorkflow.xml:
>>>>> <WorkflowActivity packageId="org.ofbiz.order"
>>>>> packageVersion="20030730144901" processId="ProcessOrder"
>>>>> processVersion="20030730144901" activityId="approvePurchaseOrder"
>>>>> objectName="Approve Purchase Order #${orderId}" objectPriority="5"
>>>>> timeLimit="12.0" startModeEnumId="WAM_MANUAL"
>>>>> finishModeEnumId="WAM_MANUAL" performerParticipantId="BUYER"
>>>>> activityTypeEnumId="WAT_NO" canStart="N" joinTypeEnumId="WJT_XOR"
>>>>> splitTypeEnumId="WST_XOR" acceptAllAssignments="N"
>>>>> completeAllAssignments="N" limitService="sendProcessNotification"
>>>>> limitAfterStart="N" delegateAfterStart="Y" restartOnDelegate="N"
>>>>> inheritPriority="Y"/>
>>>>> specialpurpose/ecommerce/data/DemoOrderPeopleData.xml:<PartyRole
>>>>> partyId="DemoBuyer" roleTypeId="BUYER"/>
>>>>> On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 9:13 PM, chris snow<chsnow123@gmail.com>
>>>>>   wrote:
>>>>>> I'm manually working through the ecommerce demo setup data to create
>>>>>> new site and along the way gain more insight into the ofbiz data
>>>>>> structures.
>>>>>> When I encounter a RoleType, I want to know what effect this role
>>>>>> on ofbiz.  For example, the RoleType: MANAGER,
>>>>>> <Party partyId="admin" partyTypeId="PERSON"/>
>>>>>> ...
>>>>>> <PartyRole partyId="admin" roleTypeId="MANAGER"/>
>>>>>> If I do a text search through the ofbiz source for "MANAGER", I can
>>>>>> see that the MANAGER RoleType is used in several places, including:
>>>>>> component://pos/src/org/ofbiz/pos/event/SecurityEvents.java
>>>>>> component://webpos/src/org/ofbiz/webpos/session/WebPosSession.java
>>>>>>   From this I can deduce that the MANGER role has an influence on
>>>>>> behaviour of the pos and webpos components.
>>>>>> Searching for individual RoleType's is insightful, but is time
>>>>>> consuming.  Is there an easier way for me to understand how various
>>>>>> RoleType's influence the ofbiz processes?
>>>>>> If there isn't an easier way, I'm happy to continue my search process
>>>>>> and create a wiki page to document the various RoleType's and their
>>>>>> effect on the behaviour of ofbiz.
>>>>>> Many thanks,
>>>>>> Chris

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