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From "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.r...@les7arts.com>
Subject Re: how to make myself good at ofbiz
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 11:01:14 GMT
I think OFBiz will be better if we had a better/more complete UI in the SFA component. 
Even maybe a new more simple CRM component inspired  by Sugar CRM for instance...
We already discussed about this in more details in fall 2009...


From: "BJ Freeman" <bjfree@free-man.net>
> Having been a successful instructor in the past, let me share some insights.
> 1) each discipline will require X number of manhours to accomplish.
> 2)decent Knowledge can only be evaluated by someone proficient in the 
> discipline.
> 3)the brain usually only retains 10% of the knowledge it is exposed to 
> each time, so the more exposure the more retention.
> 4)building on a solid foundation of core operations of Discipline is 
> essential to accomplishing higher function of the discipline.
> my dad gave me three rules for learning a new Discipline.
> 1)read everything there is about a Discipline if you don't understand a 
> word or concept stop till you have figured it out.
> 2)When you think you understand a concept, change the process and 
> predict the outcome.
> 3)Run the process. if the outcome is what you predicted you understand 
> the concept. If not go back to #1` you missed something.
> your instructor(consultant) of OFBiz should understands the manhours to 
> accomplish the tasks you need to perform and should have set down a 
> Course of actions that you need to follow. The instructor should also 
> have a fair Idea of your proficiency and short comings.
> Once you have the manhours required and you know your ability to 
> dedicate to those hours, will determine you success on completion.
> Setting up the Project Manger in ofbiz will give you some realtime 
> experience and help you evaluate your goals and Ofbiz from a User 
> perspective, as well as your overall project.
> Aayush sent the following on 8/11/2010 9:17 PM:
>> i am a student of engineering in computer science branch ....
>> i'v a decent knowledge of core java and servelet, JDBC and JSP ...
>> rite now m taking training under an employee of hot-wax media corp..
>> and im planning to make my major project in ofbiz itself ...
>> but m having a doubt that i wud be able to make sucessfull project on this
>> or not ??
>> m not doubting OFBiz ...rather m challanging myself ...
>> i'v time of around an year ...i'v a group of 5 people and of which only 2 of
>> us are taking training ...
>> but we wud be teaching the rest of them whatever is coming to us ...
>> rite now we'v understood how a request has to be traced ...so m able to
>> reach upto the desired code location ......but rite now we'r unable to
>> understand the services (business logics) ...we wud surely be working on
>> that ....we'v implemented the hello1, hello2 and hello3 applications
>> available on the tutorials available on net ....so now we know which package
>> containes which files and what are their purpose ...
>> so what do u think wud be a good idea to proceed further in the learning
>> process of ofbiz
>> and what wud be a good idea to make a project on ?????
>>   please rply sooon ......

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