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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: Confluence Space Merge
Date Sun, 29 Aug 2010 03:21:55 GMT
I can see your point for technical
however I don't see a need to have searh engines index the user docs 
since once your in the app the help button gives you the help you need.
just has to be populated.
Plus the overall Help has a tree for navigating to the desired doc.
Note: I see that the help on ofbiz has been changed to point to the wiki
how disappointing

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Sam Hamilton sent the following on 8/28/2010 7:52 PM:
> Hi BJ,
> My only worry about that is getting the search engines to index and then
> rank the information if the only copy of the data is in the demo OFBiz.
> I love the idea of having all the documents within a local deployment of
> OFBiz but do you think its possible to copy them (imagining that they
> are DocBook format or the such) and have a copy on ofbiz.apache.org
> which would then hopefully give visibility on the search engines for
> OFBiz searches - how many times have you searched for a wiki page that
> you know exists but can't find it over all the other blog posts people
> have created?
> Sam
> On 29/08/2010 08:48, BJ Freeman wrote:
>> What I would like to see is the User Docs get migrated to the ofbiz help
>> system and links in the wiki reference the help in the Trunk-Demo.
>> this would accomplish a couple of things.
>> 1)ofbiz could support it own user docs, in ofbiz
>> 2)those that want to expand on their own distribution can do so, though
>> I would hope they would provide the same back to ofbiz.
>> =========================
>> BJ Freeman<http://bjfreeman.elance.com>
>> Strategic Power Office with Supplier Automation
>> <http://www.businessesnetwork.com/automation/viewforum.php?f=52>
>> Specialtymarket.com<http://www.specialtymarket.com/>
>> Systems Integrator-- Glad to Assist
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>> Sam Hamilton sent the following on 8/26/2010 8:54 PM:
>>> Hi Guys,
>>> I would like to bring up again trying to organise an effort to clean up
>>> and better arrange our wiki spaces. Now that Confluence has been
>>> upgraded to 3.2 we can now restrict access to pages based on groups [1]
>>> so that the pages that should not be edited can stay that way and the
>>> ones that are open can also be open all within the same space.
>>> There are methods for moving pages from the space to space [2] or if we
>>> want to leave a redirect from the old page to the new page then we could
>>> either request a macro to be installed in Confluence [3] or otherwise
>>> keep the old space and just write a note saying the content has moved
>>> and give a link to the new page URL.
>>> [1] - http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CONF32/Page+Restrictions
>>> [2] -
>>> http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CONF32/Moving+a+family+of+pages+from+one+space+to+another
>>> [3] -
>>> https://www.adaptavist.com/display/AtlassianConfluence/redirect+macro
>>> Sam

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