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From BJ Freeman <bjf...@free-man.net>
Subject Re: Setup of ofbiz, was Unable to find ofbiz.jar file
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2010 15:08:10 GMT
The focal point of the thread was when someone, not knowledgeable, 
downloads ofbiz how much should they know before using it.

currently the Demo allows someone  to run obiz to see how it works, 
however derby is not a production db and the db needs to be changed.

creating tables on the fly is not the issue, since that is a standard 
Database function. Also Hibernate uses only one database. Ofbiz uses 
something similar to JPA so that is not the issue.

It is  determining which database use, then installing the proper data 
Production (seed and ext). So the default db (derby) can be used for 
Demo data.
However if you use mysql, postgres or any of the others that requires 
setup of the entityengine.xml.
If you running in ofbiz under a setup program this requires a restart of 
At this point in ofbiz development, the Build.xml provides the ability 
to generate this, after manually setting up the entityengine.xml

The added step that is not present in ofbiz for setup is to transfer the 
setup that has been generated so far in derby to the new database that 
had been initialize.

So one question is for Releases do we want to have them as demos.
if yes it is a no brainier to compile and load the datga like is done 
for the nightly builds.
However when you switch to production requires a lot of configuration.
Though ofbiz has developed a framework for setup, it is far from doing 
all that is necessary.

Having a binary only though is a different story. the Only compiled 
executable code that makes the jars, is java. However the minilang is 
interpreted on the fly and can not be removed as well as the FTL 
template for Widgets.

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Raj Saini sent the following on 8/26/2010 2:07 AM:
> There are plenty of applications around now a days. Technologies like
> JPA, Hibernate allows creation of tables on the fly. Take example of
> Liferay Portal Server and it gives you a portal configured with demo data.
> Thanks,
> Raj
> On 26/08/10 13:19, BJ Freeman wrote:
>> can you name me a project that has the option to load demo data or
>> Seed (production data). for that mater can you show me a app that
>> initializes the db structure, as ofbiz does?
>> as far a ant, the effort should be to move installation into the Setup
>> component, with screens to ask you which setup you want, production or
>> demo. it should lead you through the technical setup.
>> see
>> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBTECH/Apache+OFBiz+Technical+Production+Setup+Guide
>> Then you have the setup for the type of business one runs.
>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-3852
>> so first you use derby to do initial setup then after you setup the
>> Entityengine.xml the setup to that stage is transferred to the new db.
>> however ofbiz would, first, need to do a cold reboot and initialize
>> the new DB.
>> Oh yes this setup is usually running on a remote server.
>> feel free to contribute.
>> =========================
>> BJ Freeman <http://bjfreeman.elance.com>
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>> Raj Saini sent the following on 8/25/2010 8:28 PM:
>>> Should it not be possible to load the demo or seed data without using
>>> Ant? It think it is possible using startofbiz.sh or startofbiz.bat file.
>>> Most of the other Apache project provides a binary only and source only
>>> releases. And this reduces the size of the tar balls and people can
>>> download what suite them better. Problem with OFBiz is there is a no
>>> binary only distribution as compiled code stays within the source in
>>> build folder. Ideally, all compiled jars should be moved out to lib
>>> after building the jars. This should be possible by tweaking the build
>>> scripts. I have this in my mind for long and hopefully, I will get some
>>> time soon and work on it.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Raj
>>> On 26/08/10 04:15, BJ Freeman wrote:
>>>> lets assume for a moment that the jar files are provided.
>>>> and they do a startofbiz
>>>> what will happen?
>>>> lots of errors and support as now.
>>>> Ok lets assume we also install the demo data.
>>>> now we are ask how to remove the demo data and install for production.
>>>> ofbiz is not the standard App you find.
>>>> In my opinion, the way it is setup up the basic question like started
>>>> this thread, can be answered by pointing people to the correct docs.
>>>> Until there is sufficient documentation to take someone through every
>>>> single step with diagram and screen shots, as wall as a end-user FAQ.
>>>> we will have support questins. Oh wait Microsoft spends thousand of
>>>> Dollars to do this for Word yet everyday they get support calls from
>>>> new users on how to setup.
>>>> why you could even write another book about it.
>>>> (smiles)
>>>> =========================
>>>> BJ Freeman <http://bjfreeman.elance.com>
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>>>> Ruth Hoffman sent the following on 8/25/2010 1:23 PM:
>>>>> Hi Jacques,
>>>>> Now that you've brought up the topic, I wonder why most of the
>>>>> other ASF
>>>>> projects provide jar files with their distributions? In fact, most
>>>>> others provide jar (or other binary) files as the primary and first
>>>>> download link that you find when navigating to the project's ASF
>>>>> website.
>>>>> Just curious as to how someone here came up with the current
>>>>> interpretation of the ASF rules on releases and then went ahead and
>>>>> organized the "official" download page as it stands today.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Ruth
>>>>> Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>>>>>> To be more clear, it's induced by ASF rules on releases
>>>>>> Jacques
>>>>>> From: "Jacques Le Roux" <jacques.le.roux@les7arts.com>
>>>>>>> Thanks for your support BJ!
>>>>>>> Jacques
>>>>>>> From: "BJ Freeman" <bjfree@free-man.net>
>>>>>>>> the reason the nightly builds were hidden is for the very
>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>> express, they are for testing and debugging not for official
>>>>>>>> release.
>>>>>>>> I gave you the link to them. I use them for the demo-trunk
that I
>>>>>>>> support.
>>>>>>>> Ruth Hoffman sent the following on 8/25/2010 9:57 AM:
>>>>>>>>> Hi BJ:
>>>>>>>>> Perhaps, but as recently as 4 months ago - one could
go to the
>>>>>>>>> "official" download page and get a build already packaged
>>>>>>>>> the jar
>>>>>>>>> files and the seed data loaded. (Personally, I don't
care what
>>>>>>>>> that
>>>>>>>>> build was called. It existed and was easy to find by
following the
>>>>>>>>> download links). I wrote extensively about it for some
>>>>>>>>> Then, one
>>>>>>>>> day, I went to the "official" download site and lo-and-behold
>>>>>>>>> things
>>>>>>>>> had changed. Too bad because the fact that stuff was
>>>>>>>>> packaged
>>>>>>>>> and ready to go was a great selling point.
>>>>>>>>> All I can say is that if I was a little surprised at
the turn of
>>>>>>>>> events,
>>>>>>>>> I can only imagine what potential users without much
>>>>>>>>> to how
>>>>>>>>> things are done here, would think.
>>>>>>>>> Anyhow, it doesn't really matter.
>>>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>>>> Ruth
>>>>>>>>> BJ Freeman wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Ruth I think your confusing the Nightly builds
>>>>>>>>>> http://ci.apache.org/projects/ofbiz/snapshots/ofbiz-rel9.04-current.zip
>>>>>>>>>> with the Final Release(apache-ofbiz-09.04.zip)
>>>>>>>>>> http://ofbiz.apache.org/download.html#release-09.04
>>>>>>>>>> the Final release has not changed it format. it is
the code
>>>>>>>>>> minus all
>>>>>>>>>> the svn tags for versioning. it also has a check
sum to validate
>>>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>>>> downloaded the full zip file.
>>>>>>>>>> up till the final release of 9.04(zip) there were
only the
>>>>>>>>>> branch and
>>>>>>>>>> nigthly builds.
>>>>>>>>>> The Branch is source code only and access via the
>>>>>>>>>> the nightly builds are compiled and have the demo
data loaded.
>>>>>>>>>> http://ci.apache.org/projects/ofbiz/snapshots/
>>>>>>>>>> as you can see you can pick dates of nightly builds.
>>>>>>>>>> =========================
>>>>>>>>>> BJ Freeman <http://bjfreeman.elance.com>
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>>>>>>>>>> Ruth Hoffman sent the following on 8/25/2010 7:58
>>>>>>>>>>> Hi Laxmiraghu:
>>>>>>>>>>> Unfortunately, the project recently decided to
change the way
>>>>>>>>>>> OFBiz is
>>>>>>>>>>> distributed. And, they pretty much forgot to
tell anyone. The
>>>>>>>>>>> jar
>>>>>>>>>>> file
>>>>>>>>>>> is no longer part of the distribution as it was
as recently as 6
>>>>>>>>>>> months
>>>>>>>>>>> ago. You MUST now build OFBiz prior to startup.
The build
>>>>>>>>>>> process as
>>>>>>>>>>> described in various locations around the community
will create
>>>>>>>>>>> all the
>>>>>>>>>>> necessary jar files.
>>>>>>>>>>> For more information on this including very simple
>>>>>>>>>>> instructions,
>>>>>>>>>>> you may download my free document "How To Get
OFBiz Code
>>>>>>>>>>> (Release
>>>>>>>>>>> 9.04)"
>>>>>>>>>>> at http://www.myofbiz.com/cms01
>>>>>>>>>>> BTW, inclusion of the necessary jar files could
change any day
>>>>>>>>>>> since the
>>>>>>>>>>> decision to do such things appear to be arbitrarily
arrived out
>>>>>>>>>>> by the
>>>>>>>>>>> project commiters or whoever is responsible for
setting up the
>>>>>>>>>>> builds.
>>>>>>>>>>> Good luck.
>>>>>>>>>>> Ruth Hoffman
>>>>>>>>>>> laxmiraghu wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> Recently i downloaded ofbiz 9.04 version
for windows.
>>>>>>>>>>>> I installed mysql and java 6 and set the
JAVA_HOME variable.
>>>>>>>>>>>> I unpacked the ofbiz downloaded zip file
to C drive. It
>>>>>>>>>>>> created a
>>>>>>>>>>>> directory
>>>>>>>>>>>> 'apache-ofbiz-09.04'.
>>>>>>>>>>>> As per the documentation, i went to the above
directory and
>>>>>>>>>>>> executed
>>>>>>>>>>>> 'startofbiz.bat' command.
>>>>>>>>>>>> But it gave the following error message.
>>>>>>>>>>>> C:\apache-ofbiz-09.04>"C:\Program
>>>>>>>>>>>> Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin\java"
>>>>>>>>>>>> -Xms128M
>>>>>>>>>>>> -Xmx
>>>>>>>>>>>> 512M -jar ofbiz.jar
>>>>>>>>>>>> Unable to access jarfile ofbiz.jar
>>>>>>>>>>>> It's unable to find ofbiz.jar file.
>>>>>>>>>>>> I also searched for ofbiz.jar file in entire
>>>>>>>>>>>> folder. It's
>>>>>>>>>>>> not found.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Where can i find that file? Hope it's part
of the downloaded
>>>>>>>>>>>> zip
>>>>>>>>>>>> file.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Please help.

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