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From Ruth Hoffman <rhoff...@aesolves.com>
Subject Re: Unable to find ofbiz.jar file
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 16:57:51 GMT
Hi BJ:

Perhaps, but as recently as 4 months ago - one could go to the 
"official" download page and get a build already packaged with the jar 
files and the seed data loaded. (Personally, I don't care what that 
build was called. It existed and was easy to find by following the 
download links). I wrote extensively about it for some time. Then, one 
day, I went to the "official" download site and lo-and-behold - things 
had changed. Too bad because the fact that stuff was already packaged 
and ready to go was a great selling point.

All I can say is that if I was a little surprised at the turn of events, 
I can only imagine what potential users without much exposure to how 
things are done here, would think.

Anyhow, it doesn't really matter.

BJ Freeman wrote:
> Ruth I think your confusing the Nightly builds 
> http://ci.apache.org/projects/ofbiz/snapshots/ofbiz-rel9.04-current.zip
>  with the Final Release(apache-ofbiz-09.04.zip) 
> http://ofbiz.apache.org/download.html#release-09.04 .
> the Final release has not changed it format. it is the code minus all 
> the svn tags for versioning. it also has a check sum to validate you 
> downloaded the full zip file.
> up till the final release of 9.04(zip) there were only the branch and 
> nigthly builds.
> The Branch is source code only and access via the svn.
> the nightly builds are compiled and have the demo data loaded.
> http://ci.apache.org/projects/ofbiz/snapshots/
> as you can see you can pick dates of nightly builds.
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> Ruth Hoffman sent the following on 8/25/2010 7:58 AM:
>> Hi Laxmiraghu:
>> Unfortunately, the project recently decided to change the way OFBiz is
>> distributed. And, they pretty much forgot to tell anyone. The jar file
>> is no longer part of the distribution as it was as recently as 6 months
>> ago. You MUST now build OFBiz prior to startup. The build process as
>> described in various locations around the community will create all the
>> necessary jar files.
>> For more information on this including very simple build instructions,
>> you may download my free document "How To Get OFBiz Code (Release 9.04)"
>> at http://www.myofbiz.com/cms01
>> BTW, inclusion of the necessary jar files could change any day since the
>> decision to do such things appear to be arbitrarily arrived out by the
>> project commiters or whoever is responsible for setting up the builds.
>> Good luck.
>> Ruth Hoffman
>> laxmiraghu wrote:
>>> Recently i downloaded ofbiz 9.04 version for windows.
>>> I installed mysql and java 6 and set the JAVA_HOME variable.
>>> I unpacked the ofbiz downloaded zip file to C drive. It created a
>>> directory
>>> 'apache-ofbiz-09.04'.
>>> As per the documentation, i went to the above directory and executed
>>> 'startofbiz.bat' command.
>>> But it gave the following error message.
>>> C:\apache-ofbiz-09.04>"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin\java"
>>> -Xms128M
>>> -Xmx
>>> 512M -jar ofbiz.jar
>>> Unable to access jarfile ofbiz.jar
>>> It's unable to find ofbiz.jar file.
>>> I also searched for ofbiz.jar file in entire apache-ofbiz-09.04
>>> folder. It's
>>> not found.
>>> Where can i find that file? Hope it's part of the downloaded zip file.
>>> Please help.

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