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From Sam Hamilton <...@sh81.com>
Subject Re: switching external content between http and https?
Date Sat, 21 Aug 2010 09:28:55 GMT
Sorry guys perhaps I am not being clear I was looking for a tag that
when interpreted in ftl it switches between http and https automatically

so in the ftl some tag other than ofbizUrl could be replaced and then
this image works both on http and https ftl pages

in headerHead.ftl the javascript is called from
<script type="text/javascript"

but this always seems to point to the ofbiz server and I want to be able
to point it to an totally different domain (think Amazon CDN that allows
http and https)

So rather than using <@ofbizContentUrl> is there another tag that just
changes between http and https?


On 21/08/2010 17:09, BJ Freeman wrote:
> same this is pretty much standard.
> you will get browser errors if you have http links in an Https URL.
> The whole purpose of the Https URL is to be encrypted.
> your only two choices are not to use HTTPS or to convert the images
> repository to HTTPS
> if you switch the Cart to HTTP, you would do this in the controller.
> Sam Hamilton sent the following on 8/21/2010 1:43 AM:
>> Hi Guys,
>> Is there a freemarker template tag that would automatically switch
>> between http and https depending how the page has been loaded?
>> I want to use an external image server for hosting images but when
>> switching to the checkout all the urls should also switch over to https.
>> p.s. is there a big list of template tags that work in ofbiz somewhere?
>> Cheers
>> Sam

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